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Jonas Farr Career Highlights, High Profile Life, & More

Jonas Farr is the son of well-renowned actor and comedian Jamie Farr and his wife, former model Joy Ann Richards. Jonas was also an actor who acted in limited films. Read further to know more about Jonas Farr and his life.

Mini Bio

American actor Jamie Farr and Model Joy Ann Richards gave birth to their oldest son, Jonas Farr, in 1969, in the United States. Jonas has a younger sister, Yvonne, who came into the world three later, in 1972. He grew up in a healthy family, surrounded mainly by his father, mother, and sister, in their homeland, Ohio, United States.


Jonas Farr studied in a local high school and completed his high school graduation. Later, he joined a local college and finished his undergraduate degree.


Jonas Farr followed his father’s career path by entering Hollywood as an actor. Although Jonas did several films, he received recognition for movies like Voodoo in 1995 and Two Guys Talkin’ About Girls in 1996. He gained popularity for his good looks and became a critically acclaimed actor by the end of 1996.

Net Worth

Jonas Farr’s net worth is unknown. However, his father, Jamie Farr’s net worth is around $6 million. This includes his land assets, money, and income as an actor.

Media Presence

Jonas always appeared in media outlets for his acting projects and low-profile lifestyle. Even after spending a few months in the industry, he was still appearing as the beloved son of Jamie Farr. Jonas Farr has no social media account and lives privately in the United States.

Why Is He Popular?

Jonas Farr came into the limelight as the beloved older son of famous actor Jamie Farr and his model wife,  Joy Ann Richards. Later, he became popular after joining Hollywood as an actor. He gained attention for his style and elegant screen presence.

Famous Father

Jonas Farr’s father, Jamie Farr was a critically acclaimed actor and comedian. Jamie’s full name was Jameel Joseph Farah. He came into the world on July 1, 1934. After serving his duty as a military man, Jamie started pursuing acting as his full-time career. He gained popularity for his notable works like CBS sitcom  M*A*S*H, AfterMASH, The Love Boat, and Battle of the Network Stars. He gained the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1985.

Parents’ Love Story

Jonas Farr’s parents met after Jamie, his father came back from his military service. His mother, Joy was an American model. Jamie and Joy fell in love quickly after their first meeting and married in 1963 and they have two children together, including Jonas.

Career Highlights

Joanas Farr’s notable work consists of only two films, Voodoo in 1995 and Two Guys Talkin’ About Girls in 1996. Later Jonas disappeared from Hollywood and decided to pursue a normal lifestyle.

High Profile Life

Jonas maintained a high-profile life as a celebrity child of two celebrities, an actor and a model, Jamie and Joy. However, as Jonas gained fame through his two movies, he quickly left the industry due to personal choice.


Jonas Farr is the celebrity child of Jamie Farr, an American actor and comedian, and model, Joy Ann Richards. He maintains a low-profile life and stays away from public attention.