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Who was Joseph Alliluyev? Meet Joseph Stalin’s Grandson

Joseph Alliluyev was a cardiologist and the grandson of Russian revolutionary and politician Joseph Stalin. Joseph was born on May 22, 1945 in Moscow, Russia, and died on October 31, 2008. His parents were Svetlana Alliluyeva and Grigory Morozov; the two divorced two years after Joseph was born, but they remained friends and helped each other raise their son.

Regarding his personal life, Joseph was married to a lady named Yelena, and he had one child named Ilya Yossifovich Vozniesensky.

Education, Career and Media

Joseph Alliluyev was an educated man; in the late 1960s, he had already completed his studies and was practicing as a doctor. As of 1967, he was already married but still studying. He practiced as a doctor for as long as he lived. Joseph Alliluyev was a well-known cardiologist in Moscow and one of the best. He also served in the military for some time. Given that he was related to Joseph Stalin, he was portrayed as a small boy in the film Stalin.

Joseph Alliluyev kept a low profile for most of his life but sometimes participated in television interviews on Channel One, Russia. In the interviews, he sometimes spoke of his relationship with his mother, who had fled to the United States.

His Mother

Joseph’s mother had it tough due to her relationship with Joseph Stalin. She was the youngest of the dictator and the only surviving child. Svetlana tried her whole life to escape from the shadow of her father, known to many as a dictator and mass murderer. Joseph’s mother once mentioned that she would always be negatively associated with her father wherever she went. After her father’s death, she was sometimes interviewed and asked if she agreed with her father, but she said she did not agree with most of the things he was doing.

Regarding her romantic relationships, Joseph’s mother was married four times, but she had a special relationship with Brajesh Singh. The two met in 1963 while both were in the hospital; Svetlana was recuperating from tonsillectomy while Brajesh had emphysema and bronchiectasis. Over time, their feelings for each other grew, but they were never married; Joseph’s mother considered him her husband even if they were never officially married.

Joseph’s Grandfather

Joseph Alliluyev’s grandfather was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1924 to his death in 1953. Many remembered him for his dictatorship, and millions of people died during his rule. Joseph Stalin embraced Marxism as a teenager, and it guided his conduct throughout his life. Besides, he believed that all nations would merge into one global community. Despite his dictatorship, Joseph Alliluyev’s grandfather left a legacy; even though he was seen as a mass murderer, he was also seen as an intelligent politician.

While serving as the leader of the Soviet Union, he strengthened and stabilized it; however, he was labeled as a notorious figure, given that under his rule, millions died due to famine, war, disease, and terror campaigns. Joseph’s grandfather died on March 5, 1953.