Julia Laurette Randall Julia Laurette Randall

Julia Laurette Randall Biography

Julia Laurette Randall, an American actress, is the daughter of Heather Harlan and popular actor Tony Randall. She was born on April 11, 1995, in New York, United States. Julia Laurette Randall is named after her grandmother, Julia, and the renowned actress Laurette Taylor. She grew up alongside her brother, Jefferson Salvini Randall.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Mother

Julia Laurette Randall’s Mother is Heather Harlan. She was born in Richmond, Virginia, USA, on October 20, 1970. She is a renowned actress, famous for Forests of Misery (2009).

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father is Anthony Leonard Randall, named Aryeh Leonard Rosenberg at birth. He was an American actor born on February 26, 1920, and died on May 17, 2004.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father went to Northwestern University, where he studied drama and speech. After a year, he proceeded to the “Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre” in New York.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father served at the “United States Army Signal Corps” for four years in World War II.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father played Felix Unger’s role in the TV play “The Odd Couple” from 1970-1975, winning an Emmy Award for the show’s last season. He married Florence Gibbs from 1938 until her demise on April 18, 1992.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Parent’s Marriage

Julia Laurette Randall’s parents, Heather Harlan and popular actor Tony Randall tied the knot on November 17, 1995. At the time, Harlan was 25 years old, while her husband was 75. Despite the 50-year age gap, Julia Laurette Randall’s Parents lived a joyous marriage life.

The two met when Harlan was 23, and Tony was 73. At that time, Harlan was beginning her theatrical career at the National Actors Theatre in New York as an intern.

The couple collaborated on “Three Men on a Horse”, a stage play under director John Tillinger.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Brother

Julia Laurette Randall’s Brother, Jefferson Salvini Randall, was born on June 15, 1998. He is named after actors Tommasso Salvin and Joseph Jefferson. Jefferson Salvini Randall’s star sign is Gemini, and he is an American citizen.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Brother went to Ethical Culture Fieldston School and graduated with a high school diploma in 2016. Jefferson went to Wesleyan University and graduated in 2020 with a bachelor of arts in film studies.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Accomplishments

Julia Laurette Randall is active in the entertainment industry. She is a talented actress who has appeared in various films. They include Happy New Year (2011), White Rabbit (2014), and Stevie (2014), captivating fans worldwide. Her dedication and excellent acting skills have earned her a place in the entertainment industry.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father’s Awards

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father, Tony Randall, had an illustrious six-decade career. He had six Golden Globe Award nominations. Furthermore, he was nominated six times for the Primetime Emmy Award. From the nominations, he won one.

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father’s Death

Julia Laurette Randall’s Father, Tony Randall, passed on May 17, 2004. Tony died at the NYU Medical Center after contracting pneumonia. Julia Laurette Randall’s Father got the disease after coronary bypass surgery in December 2003. His remains are at the Westchester Hills Cemetery, situated in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.