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Karen Rietz Popular Life, Profession, Notable Appearances, & More

Karen Rietz is an American actress and also the daughter of the famous actor Robert Reed. Read ahead to find out more about her life, personal life, profession, and more.

Early Life

Karen Rietz was blessed to be born into a well-off family. She was born on October 1, 1956, in Chicago, Illinois. She was born to Robert Reed, her father, and Marilyn Rosenberger, her mother. She is currently 68 years old as of 2024. She is the only child of her father. Nothing more is known about her early childhood.

Personal Life

We have no records of her relationship. It is not confirmed whether she is single or married. She is living a very secluded life. She is not available on any kind of social media platform. She has just withdrawn from the media.

Her Father: Robert Reed

Robert Reed was born on October 19, 1932, in the Northern Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois. He was born John Robert Rietz Jr. to Helen and John Robert Rietz. He studied at West Division School in Community Consolidated School District 62 until 1939. He grew up in Navasota, Texas and Shawnee, Oklahoma, attending Woodrow Wilson Grade School. Later, the family moved to Muskogee, Oklahoma.

In his early life, he joined the 4-H agricultural club and showed calves, but he was interested in acting and singing. In high school, he participated in both acting and singing. He first guest-starred in an episode of “Father Knows Best” in 1959. This led to many guest roles. He made his first film appearance in “Bloodlust!”

He married Marilyn Rosenberger in July 1954. She was a ballet dancer. The couple welcomed their first child, Karen Rietz, just before divorcing in 1959. He passed away on May 12, 1992, due to colon lymphoma, a rare type of colon cancer. After his death, it was revealed that Reed was also HIV-positive.

Was Her Father Gay?

Yes, her father, Robert Reed, was gay, and he had kept it a secret for a long time. After learning about his true sexual orientation during that time would likely have damaged his career.


She started her career in the field of acting, following in her father’s footsteps. She has garnered fame but not as much as her father achieved. He was very popular throughout his acting career.

Rietz’s Notable Appearances

She rose to fame after appearing on “The Brady Bunch,” an ABC sitcom. It was a television series that started on 26 September 1969 and ended on March 8, 1974. It was the story of the Brady family who go on a vacation to Hawaii. Interestingly, Karen’s father played the main role of Mike Brady, a widower with three boys and who married a widow with three girls.

Net Worth

Karen Rietz has an estimated net worth of $6 million. She has amassed this wealth from her acting career, which is her primary source of income. Whereas, her father, Robert Reed, had a net worth of equal to $3 million.


Karen Rietz is a beautiful, attractive American actress. Although she has established her own identity, she is widely recognized as the daughter of Robert Reed.