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Kasie Ward Biography and life history

Kasie Ward is a celebrity child who is popular in the world as the daughter of Irish-American professional boxer, Micky Ward. Unlike her father, the young girl is not much active in the media and really makes public appearances. Today, we thought about finding out the life details of Kasie Ward.

So, read the article and learn all the information about Kasie Ward including her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and other such details that are yet to come out in public.

Personal life

As we have already told you Kasie Ward has not publicized her personal life and neither her father did the same, there is no information available about her birth details. When and where she was born is still a matter of secret to the public. Given this fact, it is hard to figure out the exact date and the nationality of Kasie Ward.  Not just that but the name of her mother is also not known to the public. The only confirmed thing about her early life is the name of her father and it is Micky Ward.

The same goes for the personal life of Kasie Ward as well. Whether or not she is married today or dating someone is not known to the public.

Parents and siblings

Kasie Ward is the only daughter of Micky Ward, who is a professional American-Irish former boxer and had a successful professional career. If you talk about the mother of Kasie Ward, you are unlikely to get any information in this regard because Kasie Ward has kept it a secret only. Being the only child of her parents, Kasie Ward never had any siblings to play with and make her childhood awesome.


We would have been able to tell you anything confirmed about the motherhood of Kasie Ward only if she had made it public whether or not she has ever been in a love relationship.

Education and profession

Saying anything confirmed about the educational background of Kasie Ward is not possible because it is a complete secret. Considering the fact that she is the daughter of such a rich father, we are pretty sure Kasie Ward must have received a good education in her life. The same we expect for her professional career as well. We hope she will be professionally successful like her father.

Reason for the popularity of Kasie Ward

Needless to mention the only reason for the popularity of Kasie Ward is her father who is a famous celebrity from America. He has a successful professional career in boxing.

Net worth of Kasie Ward

With the fact that no information is available about the profession and source of earnings of Kasie Ward, it is not easy to figure out her net worth. If we talk about the net worth of her father, Micky Ward, he is expected to have around 500 thousand.


Kasie Ward is a celebrity daughter but she is probably not interested in the glamour and media highlights. This is why she lives a private life.