Katherine Berkery Personal Life, Profession, Lesser Known Facts, & More Katherine Berkery Personal Life, Profession, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Katherine Berkery Personal Life, Profession, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Katherine Berkery is a former American model but she is widely recognized as the lover of Tom Jones, a well-known Welsh singer. She originally hails from Korea but her biological parents abandoned her and gave to a wealthy couple who belong to America. Let’s look ahead to know furthermore about her personal life, profession and more.

Katherine Berkery: As a Child

Katherine was born in 1963 in Korea to a Korean couple. But her fate had planned something else for her, she was abandoned by her biological parents when she was just eight years old. She was adopted by an affluent couple and they took her to New Jersey, USA. She lived the rest of her life in the USA. She never discloses the identity of her foster parents and biological parents.

Katherine’s Profession

As a profession she is a former model. Her modeling career peaked in the 1980. She started working with the prominent fashion industry. Her beauty and elegance made her a sought-after model. We saw her in numerous magazine covers. But everything changed after her three-day stand with Thomas Jones Woodward, a famous singer. She was having difficulty finding a job. Later she became an estate agent as stated in the Daily Mail in 2013.

Her Personal Life

She first met Tom Jones at a restaurant, while on a tour in the U.S. in October, 1987. He invited her to see his performance. After his performance ended he took her to his hotel where he was staying. They enjoyed their three-night stand and shared physical intimacy. After that they parted their ways.

Her life shattered after three months when she found out that she is pregnant, so she tried to contact Tom Jones. But after lots of effort she could not get in touch with him. One day she called him in his office, his secretary received the call and when she told everything, his aide replied, “That’s a showbiz, darling, do whatever you have to do.”

On 27th June, 1988 she delivered a baby boy she named him Jonathan.Then she took the help of the court, she filed a case against Tom alleging that Jonathan is his child. But he denied that, so the court ordered a DNA test. He accepted and did the test. The truth came out and proved that he was Jonathan’s biological father. The court settled the matter by ordering him to pay £1700 a month for the upbringing of the child and £50,000 to Jonathan’s mother Katherine Berkery.

About Tom Jones

His full name is Thomas Jones Woodward, born on June 7, 1940, a Welsh singer. He married his childhood lover Melinda Trenchard in 1957, she passed away in 2016 due to lung cancer. They have a son named Mark Woodward. He has a fantastic voice.  Some of his popular songs are “It’s Not Unusual,” “What’s New Pussycat?,” “Green, Green of Home,” and “Delilah” from the 1960s. As a character he is a womanizer and he confessed that he sleeps with more than 250 women in a year despite having a wife.


  • Katherine is 5 ‘7 ” in height, she has warm brown eyes and the same is the hair.
  • Katherine Berkery’s estimated net worth is $500.
  • Katherine also played one of the roles of club ladies in Picture Perfect, a short movie in 2006.
  • It is believed that she later got married but the name of the spouse is unknown.


Katherine has proved that she is not only a good model but also a good mother. She alone raised her son Jonathan Berkery as we know that being a single parent is not easy. We hope she lives the rest of her life happily.