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Where is Kathryn Burrhus, Stone Cold Steve Austin’s First Wife?

Kathryn Burrhus is the first wife of the famous professional wrestler Stone Cold. Steve Austin, known by his ring name Stone Cold, married Kathryn Burrhus, but the marriage never lasted longer. Stone Cold being a public figure, this event caught the public’s attention despite being known as a college couple.

The marriage ended prematurely but did not prevent Stone Cold from pursuing love again. On the other hand, Kathyrn remained single, and it is unclear if she loved later.

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Who Is Kathryn Burrhus?

Kathyrn Burrhus came into the limelight for being the first wife to the legendary wrestler Stone Cold. Kathyrn and Stone had known each other since high school, and they were known to be a couple in high school.

They dated all their high school and college years, leading to a marriage in November 1990. Despite dating for a long time and knowing each other, Stone Cold cheated over his wife, and Kathyrn found out.

As a result, Kathyrn and Stone Cold ended their two-year marriage, each going in separate ways. The divorce was bitter but did not stop Stone Cold from pursuing his career and love life.

On the other hand, Kathyrn moved away from the limelight since the incident, explaining why it is hard to find her on social media. Some sources indicate that Kathryn remained single after her first marriage, explaining why she had no children.

Who is Kathryn Burrhus’s Ex-Husband?

Steve Austin, famously known as Stone Cold, is Kathyrn Burrhus’s ex-husband. Steve Austin is also a TV personality, actor, and entrepreneur known by many because of his wrestling career.

Steve was signed into WWE and played as a wrestler for many years, winning many awards. He held 19 championships in his wrestling career and was a six-time WWE champion. Despite being a champion many times, he retired after fourteen years of hard work due to severe injuries to his neck and knees.

Injuries ended Stone Cold’s career, but life did not end there. Kathryn Burrhus’s ex-husband dived into acting, a career that he has been pursuing up to date. Moreover, he dived into entrepreneurship, besides being a TV personality.

Did Kathryn Burrhus’s Ex-Husband Marry Again?

Kathyrn Burrhus was the first wife to Steve Austin, but his love life did not end after the divorce. Steve married Kathryn in 1990, and two years later, they divorced. Stone Cold was cheating on Kathryn with Jeanie Adams, ending the marriage.

Barely four months after the marriage ended, Stone Cold married Jeanie Adams, a colleague, and they had two children. Jeanie, a retired wrestling manager and author, became the second wife, and they had two daughters from the marriage. The marriage ended in 1999 but did not prevent Stone Cold from finding a partner.

In 2000, Stone Cold exchanged vows with a fellow wrestler, Debra Marshall, but the marriage failed after three years. In February 2003, the pair separated, leading to Stone Cold’s fourth and current marriage with Kristin Austin.