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Kevin Cornelius Emmons: Facts About His Relationship, Career, And Net Worth


Kevin Cornelius Emmons, born in Lambeth, London, England, UK, is known primarily for his role as the father of the renowned rapper 21 Savage. He is of British nationality with Caribbean origins; specifically, his father hailed from Haiti. While there is limited publicly available information about Kevin Cornelius Emmons, his connections to music and fame have undoubtedly added intrigue to his personal life.

Kevin is part of a family that includes his ex-wife, Heather Joseph, with whom he shares a connection to British nationality and Caribbean heritage. Their union also brought three children, including 21 Savage (Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph), and twins Kyra and Jayda Davis. While Kevin’s career and lifestyle may be less documented, his family’s journey has garnered considerable attention.


Kevin Cornelius Emmons was previously married to Heather Joseph, and together, they shared a family that included three children. Its British nationality and Caribbean roots distinguish the family. Interestingly, Heather Joseph later entered into a relationship with Dr. Amsu Anpu, a British expatriate and endocrinologist, following her separation from Kevin.

After the separation, 21 Savage and his mother, Heather Joseph, relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, when 21 Savage was just seven years old. This marked a significant change in their family dynamic, with Kevin remaining in London while his son’s life and career took a different trajectory.


While specific details about Kevin Cornelius Emmons’ career are less accessible, it is known that he worked for Westminster City Council in London. His role was noted as a “sales assistant” in 21 Savage’s birth certificate. Despite this brief mention, the primary focus of Kevin’s life has been his family, especially his son’s notable career in the music industry.

In contrast, his son, 21 Savage, made a name for himself in rap music. Born in Plaistow, London, 21 Savage relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where he embarked on his journey as a prominent rapper. A series of albums and mixtapes, collaborations with renowned artists, and the release of chart-topping singles have marked his career. He is known for his unique style and autobiographical lyrics that often touch on the violent and criminal aspects of his past life.

Net Worth

Kevin Cornelius Emmons’ net worth is not publicly disclosed, and as a parent and non-public figure in the entertainment industry, his financial status remains a private matter. His son, 21 Savage, has achieved significant success in the music industry, with a notable net worth of his own. However, the financial details of Kevin Cornelius Emmons’ life are not readily available for public consumption.

While 21 Savage, born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, has achieved remarkable success as a rapper and garnered substantial wealth in the music industry, the financial details of Kevin’s life have been deliberately shielded from public scrutiny. His decision to keep his financial affairs private underscores his commitment to a life away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world, prioritizing personal discretion and a more low-key existence.