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Knobel Hunt Profession, Successful Life, & More

Knobel Hunt is the son of an American business tycoon Clark Hunt. Read further to find out more about this celebrity and discover more about his life and why he is famous.

Personal Life

Knobel Hunt was born to Clark Knobel Hunt and Tavia Shackles. As of 2023, Knobel Hunt is currently pursuing his education at South Methodist University. He also plays soccer for the college team.


His father, Clark Knobel Hunt is the proud part owner of the famous football team Kansas City Chiefs and his mother, Tavia Shackles is a former Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA. Knobel has two sisters, one older sister named Gracie Hunt and a younger sister named Ava Hunt. His older sister Gracie Hunt, is a beauty queen she has won a number of beauty pageants like Miss Kansa USA 2021, Miss Texas Teen International 2016, and Miss Texas International 2018. His younger sister, Ava Hunt is a beauty queen as well, she is often seen taking part in beauty pageants.

His father: Clark Knobel Hunt

Clark Knobel Hunt was born to Lamar Hunt and Norma Hunt on February 19th 1965. His mother, Norma Hunt is the second wife of Lamar Hunt. Lamar Hunt, Clark’s father, founded the Kansas City Chiefs in 1960, he is also the founder of the American Football League and Major Soccer League. Clark’s grandfather H.L Hunt was an oil tycoon,

Clark finished his schooling at St. Mark’s School of Texas and went on to pursue further education at Southern Methodist University, where earned a degree in finance and business administration.

Clark Knobel Hunt’s Career

Clark Knobel Hunt is one of America’s biggest business tycoons, he is the part owner, CEO and Chairman of Kansa City Chiefs, an American football team. He is also a major investor and owner of Major League Soccer, he manages operations for the soccer club FC Dallas.  Before he could venture into being a businessman, Clark worked at Goldman Sachs for a couple of years.

In 2005, Clark became the Chairman of the Kansas City Chiefs. Post his father’s death in 2006, his siblings and he inherited ownership rights of the Kansas City Chiefs.


  • Knobel Hunt is named after his father Clark Knobel Hunt.
  • Knobel Hunt and his entire family are devoted Christians.
  • Knobel Hunt’s father Clark Hunt was a soccer player in his college days and was the captain of the Southern Methodist University soccer team.
  • Knobel Hunt’s great-grandfather had 15 children out of which, almost all of them are some of America’s wealthiest individuals.
  • Knobel Hunt’s older sister, Gracie Hunt won the Miss Kansas 28 years after her mother, Tavia Shackles.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs were initially known as The Dallas Texans when it was founded.
  • Knobel Hunt’s grandmother, Norma Hunt is the only woman ever known to have watched and attended the Super Bowl 57 times.


Knobel is a young aspiring sportsman. From what is known so far, Knobel is seen to have been following the footsteps of his father, Clark Knobel Hunt. As he comes from a distinguished family, one can only expect and wish for Knobel to become a successful and well established individual like his father and other family members.