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Kristin Ogata is none other than the ex-wife of a well-known singer and songwriter, Beth Ditto. Read further to find out a little more about the life and profession of this former celebrity spouse and discover what makes her so famous.

Personal Life

Kristin Ogata and Beth Ditto were just 18 when they met for the first time ever. The pair were in a relationship for 14 years before they decided to tie the knot in July 2013. The wedding ceremony was held in Maui, Hawaii and was attended by near and dear ones. Kristin rose to fame when she was seen frequently debuting on the red carpet with Beth Ditto.  Sadly, the pair divorced in March 2018.

Her ex-wife Beth Ditto

Mary Beth Patterson, otherwise known as Beth Ditto was born on February 19, 1981, in Judsonia, Arkansas, United States of America. For most of her life, Beth grew up with her mother and different stepfathers. She has two older brothers, two younger brothers, one older sister and one younger sister which makes them seven siblings all together. Beth left her maternal home and moved into her aunt’s home at the age of 13, from then on she consistently kept moving to different places like Oregon and  Washington. Beth Ditto is currently dating Ted Kwo, a transgender man after her split with Kristin Ogata.

Beth Ditto’s Career

Beth Ditto began her music career with the band ‘Gossip’ in 1999, she was the lead singer of the band. The band particularly specialized in indie rock. Despite starting out sometime in the late ’90s, the band only made their breakthrough in 2006 with their album ‘Standing in the Way of Control’. She has collaborated and featured on many artist’s albums and tracks such as Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘Cruel Intentions’ and Blondie’s ‘A Rose by Any Name’.

Beth is a model and an actress. She opened a show for Jean Paul Gaultier in 2010. As an actress, she has featured in one of Gus Van Sant’s comedy-drama films, Don’t Worry He Won’t Get Far on Foot and a Television series called, On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

Besides her career in the entertainment industry, Beth is a well-established personality in the fashion industry as well. She disbanded the ‘Gossip’ in 2016 so that she could pursue her career in fashion. Beth runs her own clothing line which displays a plus-size collection for the retailing brand Evans.


  • Kristin Ogata is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Kristin Ogata and Beth Ditto got legally married in December 2014.
  • Beth Ditto wore Jean Paul Gaultier for their wedding.
  • Her ex-wife Beth Ditto collaborated with MAC cosmetics in 2012 to launch a makeup collection
  • Kristin’s ex-wife, Beth Ditto has a memoir of her own titled, Coal to Diamonds, the book is co-authored by Michelle Tea
  • Beth Ditto is seen actively advocating for the LQBTQIA+ community, body positivity and feminism.
  • Beth Ditto revealed that as a child she had eaten squirrels. This statement sparked a lot of controversy.
  • Kirstin’s ex-wife, Beth Ditto was born a Christian but currently is an atheist.


Kristin Ogata is one such former celebrity spouse who lives a happy life away from the limelight and media presence. This article covers all you need to know about the private life of Kristin Ogata.