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Lauren Chandiram, The Story of James Collier’s Wife

Some of those who have heard about Lauren Chandiram, James Collier’s wife have likened her to having an Indian descent. Although her name is unique and sounds of Asian decency, she is of British nationality, born in London, UK.

Lauren Chandiram is one celebrity wife who has attracted many people’s attention, despite living a quiet life away from the cameras. The beautiful lady is married to James Collier, and they have been together for many years, despite the rumors of infidelity from the actor. If you want to learn more about Lauren and her husband, continue reading!

Lauren Chandiram Bio

Lauren Chandiram is a celebrity wife, famous for being James Collier’s wife. The beautiful lady got public attention when she accompanied the actor in 2007 to a public event, and since then their love has blossomed resulting in a cute boy.

Lauren Chandiram was born on November 20, 1985, in London, UK, although she has never revealed where she grew up. Lauren has always preferred a life away from the limelight, explaining why she declined modeling offers.

Lauren has always preferred to keep her past life under the warps, explaining why little about her parents, siblings, and upbringing is known. Lauren was named a Sanskrit name Chandra meaning moon, and in many cases, it has fooled many into believing that she is of Indian ancestry.

However, the facts remain that she is of British nationality and white ethnicity and her name does not have any direct link to being an Indian.

Lauren’s Family

Lauren is a mother and a proud wife, and she is dedicated to keeping her family happy. The celebrity wife welcomed her son Milo James Collier in 2010, and he is growing into a healthy young man, who loves accompanying his parents to public events.

Some sources also indicate that Lauren is a stepmother to Collier’s daughter from his previous relationship, but the actor has never revealed the whereabouts of his daughter. Even though Lauren and Collier are proud of their children, always trying their best to offer them a comfortable life.

Lauren’s Career

Lauren is a celebrity wife, and she is known for owning a clothing line. While she met her husband, she ran a clothing store in Buckinghamshire, UK. Even after they started a family, Lauren continued with her career, running the business successfully.

As a result of her handwork in the store, she was offered a modeling job to work with some brands, but she refused the offer because she valued her privacy more than anything.

How Rich is Lauren?

Lauren is a wealthy lady who has earned good fortune from her love for fashion. The Fashionista is believed to have a net worth of $500,000 as a result of her fashion efforts. Her efforts in running a clothing store and managing a boutique have made her wealthy, not adding to her husband’s wealth.

On the other hand, James Collier is an established actor, who is estimated around $5 million as of 2023. Collier made most of his wealth from successful acting roles.