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Who is Linda Kay Cooper? Is She Alive?

Linda Kay Cooper was the ex-wife of the legendary footballer Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy Johnson was an American footballer and coach, and his dedication and great success made him a legend in American history. Due to his talent, he was a public figure, explaining why Linda Kay Cooper came into the limelight.

Linda Kay Cooper’s Bio

Linda Kay Cooper was born in Poinsett County, Arkansas, United States, to her mother, Virginia Cooper and Reginald Taft. Linda was born on January 17, 1942, and was the last born in a family of three children.

It is unclear which career Linda’s parents were taking, but it is believed her mother was a passionate teacher who loved educating children. Linda grew up a humble lady, explaining why he lived a quiet life even after marrying a celebrity.

Unfortunately, Linda lost her father in 1989, and her mother died in 2003. It is unclear what caused their death, but it is believed that her siblings also passed away.

Linda, the lastborn in her family, had many privileges, which explains why she was nicknamed the egg. Her siblings treated her well and played a crucial role in her upbringing.

Was Linda Kay Cooper Married?

Linda Kay was the ex-wife of the famous footballer Jimmy Johnson. It is believed that Linda and Jimmy met while in Kansas, and they started dating until they were married.

The couple spent almost three decades together, so they were blessed with two handsome boys. Linda Kay remained committed to her husband, and he played a significant role in Jimmy Johnson’s career.

It is unclear when they first met, but it is believed that they exchanged vows shortly after meeting and became one of the youngest couples. Linda was twenty-one when she married Jimmy, but she took the courage to step in a wife’s footsteps.

Unfortunately, after twenty-seven years of marriage, the couple called it a quit, although none was ready to discuss it. After the divorce, Linda found love again and started dating Roger Kent Aronson.

Linda Kay disappeared from the public eye after her first divorce, making it hard for people to tell whether she married her second love. Love was blossoming again, and Linda retired from her teacher career to be with her new partner.

Linda Kay and Roger Kent lived happily in Fayetteville until she died in 2003. It is believed she suffered from illness before dying.

Moreover, Jimmy Johnson also found love again and married Rhonda Rookmaaker in 1999. Jimmy was the one who initiated the divorce from his first marriage, citing he did not need a spouse.

Linda Kay Cooper Education

Linda Kay was a bright girl and pursued her education until college. Linda joined the University of Kansas, where she pursued a course related to education. While in college, Linda met the love of her life, Jimmy Johnson, and they started dating. Jimmy Johnson was a talented footballer who married Linda while playing football in college.

Once Linda completed her education, she became a tutor, imparting knowledge to children. She is believed to have loved her teaching career and traveling a lot.