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Lisa McNear Biography and life history

Lisa McNear was the ex-wife of Richard Warner Carlson, an American diplomat, lobbyist and journalist. She was also the mother of Tucker Carlson, an American political commentator. Lisa was born on June 4, 1945, in San Francisco, California, to Mary Ernestine and Maurice Lombardi. Little is known about her siblings, but she grew up in San Francisco, and her parents made sure all her needs were met.

Education and Career

Lisa McNear began her education in a local elementary school before joining high school. After graduating from high school, Lisa joined the University of California in Berkeley to pursue a degree in architectural studies. She was a committed student, and she was sure to put into work the skills that she had gained while studying.

After completing her college education, Lisa started working as a wooden sculptor. However, it is unclear if she continued with this kind of work even after her marriage to Richard Carlson. She seemed to have kept a low profile during her marriage to Richard.

Her Marriage with Richard

Lisa married Richard in 1967 in Carson City, Nevada; it is unclear how the couple met, but they were married for nine years. During this time, the couple was blessed with two children named Buckley and Tucker. Lisa’s marriage was not that great; they had some marital issues, and they were trying to work out things as a couple. However, their marriage was irreparable, and the only solution for them was to divorce.

Richard mentioned that their marriage had reached a point where things could no longer work between them, and so the couple separated, with their divorce finalized in 1976. Some say that Lisa was neglectful to her sons, and that is why she lost custody of the two children. Besides, she also made it clear that she wanted to travel and be a part of the bohemian lifestyle and culture.

Life After Divorce

After divorcing Richard, Lisa McNear moved to France, where she wanted to explore and experience the bohemian lifestyle. However, while in France, she met a man named Michael Vaughan. Michael was also an artist, and he also loved travelling, so they spent time in South Carolina and France. It is unclear if Lisa had any children with Michael.

Lisa was never in contact with her two sons while she was married to Michael Vaughan, and this severed their relationship, but it seems Lisa never cared for them.

Illness and Death

In her later years, Lisa McNear started feeling ill and so decided to visit a doctor when she was told that she had breast cancer. It was tough for her, but her husband, Michael, was always by her side, and he supported her. As days went by, Lisa’s health started failing, and on October 14, 2011, she died in Cazac, France, due to breast cancer.

When Lisa died in 2011, her estate in Kern County was divided into three parts: a third for her husband Michael Vaughan and the other two-thirds for her sons Tucker and Buckley. However, a will was found which noted that everything was left to her husband, Michael, resulting in court cases which dragged on for some time.