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Louis John Ruggiero: His Personal Info, Career,  Relationship, Net Worth

Personal Information

Louis John Ruggiero, a lawyer, was born in the 1950s in Rosedale, New York, USA, to Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Ruggiero. His precise birthdate remains unknown, but it is estimated that he is in his late sixties. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality. Louis completed his Bachelor’s degree in Law at Hofstra University in 1980.


Louis John Ruggiero’s claim to fame is his marriage to Rosanna Scotto, a prominent news anchor who co-hosts Fox 5 NY WNYW’s “Good Day New York” in New York City alongside Lori Stokes. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony on September 14, 1986, in Brooklyn, New York. They have a son named Louis “L.J.” Ruggiero and a daughter named Jenna Ruggiero. Louis and Rosanna adhere to the Catholic faith, and their children attend Catholic schools. Despite the challenges that ofic life, the couple has managmaintainedrong and enduring marriage.


Louis John Ruggiero has spent much of his career as a lawyer. Details about his entry into the legal profession remain undisclosed, but he has earned a reputation in a respected law firm.

His legal career coincided with his educational journey, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Hofstra University in 1980. While his specific contributions to the field are not widely known, his work as a lawyer has likely contributed to his financial well-being.

Louis John Ruggiero’s Son Faces Legal Troubles

Louis John Ruggiero’s son, Louis Jr. (commonly known as L.J.), has been in legal hot water on multiple occasions, raising concerns about his behavior and choices.

One notable incident involved L.J. being apprehended with a purse that contained a substantial sum of $1000 and concealed a bag of cocaine and a counterfeit ID. The purse itself was reported as stolen, further complicating the situation and leading to a series of charges against L.J.

In another troubling incident that captured media attention, Louis Jr. made headlines for a far more serious matter. He openly admitted to his involvement in a shocking and violent incident. L.J. confessed that his friend, James Rackove, was responsible for a gruesome act – the slashing of the throat of a Connecticut man named Joseph Communale. This chilling incident occurred during a party characterised by drug use, sending shockwaves through the community and resulting in legal repercussions for those involved.

These legal issues involving Louis Jr. underscore the challenges and complexities that can arise in the lives of even well-known individuals’ families. It remains to be seen how these incidents will impact Louis John Ruggiero and his family as they navigate these difficult circumstances.

Net Worth

Though Louis John Ruggiero’s exact net worth remains undisclosed, it is reasonable to assume that he has amassed a substantial income over the years. According to various online sources, his wife Rosanna Scotto’s estimated net worth ranges between $2.5 million to $4 million. While Louis’s precise annual earnings aren’t disclosed, data from the Smart Asset website indicates that lawyers can earn around $121,000 per year.