Louise Annette Talley Dixon Louise Annette Talley Dixon

Controversial Louise Annette Talley Dixon: Her Life, Her Son Jamie Fox, Career And Net Worth

Personal Information

Louise Annette Talley Dixon, known for being the biological mother of the acclaimed actor and musician Jamie Foxx, has lived a life marked by challenges and personal choices. Her parents, Estelle Marie Nelson and Mark Talley, who worked as domestic and yard workers, adopted and raised Jamie Foxx after Louise reportedly abandoned him when he was just seven months old. Louise was known for her striking appearance and city flair, stylish hair, gold earrings, and a StingRay Corvette.

She is a married woman and was once the wife of Darrel Bishop. They had three children: Jamie Foxx, Diedra Dixon, and Diondra Dixon. However, their marriage didn’t withstand the test of time, and the exact date of their divorce remains undisclosed. Louise faced personal struggles and anxieties that led to her decision to leave her seven-month-old baby, Jamie Foxx, behind. Despite her challenges, she proudly raised her other two children as a single mother.


While information about Louise’s career remains elusive, it is presumed that she may have worked at various points in her life, considering her role as a single mother raising three children. Although the details of her professional life have never been publicly discussed, it is plausible that she may have had diverse work experiences in the past.

Jamie Foxx’s Career

In contrast to Louise’s relatively private life, her son, Jamie Foxx, has enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry. Jamie began his journey as a comedian in 1989 at an open mic night at a satire club. He adopted the stage name Jamie Foxx in homage to the iconic comedian Redd Foxx. His career took off as he secured his first acting role on the comedy show “In Living Color” in 1991 and a regular role in “Roc” two years later. His presence in the comedy film “Toys” in 1992 further propelled his career.

Over the years, Jamie Foxx ventured into acting with notable roles in films like Oliver Stone’s “Any Given Sunday” and his first album release, “Peep This,” in 1999. He also appeared in Michael Mann’s television show “Ali” and collaborated with various musicians and rappers. He released five albums and won awards for collaborations like “Gold Digger” with Kanye West. Jamie Foxx has significantly contributed to both the comedy and music industries.

Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Louise Talley remains undisclosed, it can be inferred that she enjoyed a comfortable life. Her son, Jamie Foxx, is known to have a net worth of approximately $100 million as of August 2023, thanks to his successful career in comedy, music, and acting. His impressive car collection further demonstrates Jamie’s wealth, including a gold-painted Rolls Royce Bentley and a Bugatti Veyron.

Louise Annette Talley Dixon’s life has been marked by personal challenges and choices, including her decision to leave her son Jamie Foxx when he was an infant. Although details about her career are scarce, her influence on Jamie’s life and the success he has achieved in his career are evident. While Louise’s net worth is not publicly known, it is reasonable to assume that she led a comfortable life, as indicated by her son’s significant wealth and extravagant lifestyle.