Lucia Santina Ribisi

Lucia Santina Ribisi, Personal Life and Net Worth


Lucia Santina Ribisi is an emerging musical artist from America who is better recognized for being the loving daughter of American actor, Giovanni Ribisi. Other than the Father of Lucia Santina Ribisi, her mother is also a former actress and model.

If you are interested in learning more details about Lucia Santina Ribisi, here you will get all the information about her early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, and all other details.

Personal life

Born on 6 August 1997 in the USA to American celebrity couple Giovanni Ribisi and Mariah O’Brien, Lucia Santina Ribisi is a 26-year-old American musical artist. This is all the information available about the early life of Lucia Santina Ribisi.

If you talk about the love life of this young beautiful lady, she is yet to open her lips regarding this matter. This is why you are unlikely to find any confirmed details about the love of Lucia Santina Ribisi. Considering her age, we assume that she must be in a romantic relationship but she has kept the details to herself only.

Parents and siblings

The American couple, Giovanni Ribisi and Mariah O’Brien, got married in 1997 and welcomed their first child in the same year and it was Lucia Santina Ribisi. When Lucia Santina Ribisi was only 4 years old, her parents separated in 2001. Unlike their personal lives, the parents of Lucia Santina Ribisi have been significantly successful in their professional careers. Both of them are successful actors. Today, the mother of Lucia Santina Ribisi has retired from acting and has become an interior designer.

As for the siblings of Lucia Santina Ribisi, she does not have any siblings to play with. However, she has 2 step-siblings from her father.


Since Lucia Santina Ribisi has not made any details public regarding her personal life, it is not known whether or not she has embraced motherhood yet.

Education and profession

Like many other celebrities, the parents of Lucia Santina Ribisi are also extremely private when it comes to the personal lives of their kids. This is the reason that no information is available about the educational background of Lucia Santina Ribisi. If you talk about her profession, she is an emerging musical artist.

Reason for the popularity of Lucia Santina Ribisi

The main reason for the popularity of Lucia Santina Ribisi is obviously her parents, Giovanni Ribisi and Mariah O’Brien, who both are renowned personalities. In addition to that, Lucia Santina Ribisi has gained public attention because of her own talent too.

Net worth of Lucia Santina Ribisi 

Though Lucia Santina Ribisi has not revealed her exact net worth, we can say that she must have good money in her life, as she is a musical artist. If you talk about the net worth of her father, Giovanni Ribisi, he is estimated to have around 20 million.


Lucia Santina Ribisi has followed the footprints of her parents and chose to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. We just hope she also becomes successful like her parents.

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