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Madison Elizabeth McMahon: An athlete daughter of actor parents

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is a young volleyball player who is best recognized for being the daughter of Australian actor Julian McMahon. Not just the father of Madison Elizabeth McMahon but her mother is also a renowned actress. Maybe this is the reason Madison Elizabeth McMahon is very glamorous.

Today, let us reveal all the life or details of Madison Elizabeth McMahon starting from her birth to what her life has been right now.

Personal life 

Madison Elizabeth McMahon was born on 10th June 2000 in California USA to her celebrity parents Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns and is 23 years old right now. Her father is an Australian and mother is American but the nationality of Madison Elizabeth McMahon has not been confirmed by her parents.

If you talk about the love life of this young beautiful girl, she has kept her lips zipped regarding this matter as well. However, considering her age, we hope that Madison Elizabeth McMahon must be having a romantic relationship right now.

Parents and siblings 

Madison Elizabeth McMahon is the only child of her parents Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns, who had a really short marriage of just 2 years. They got married in 1999 and remained together till 2001. After that, both of her parents remarried. However, her parents have been successful in terms of profession. They both are active as actors and achieved great success in their respective careers as well.

Being the only child of her parents, Madison Elizabeth McMahon does not have any siblings but she has one step-sibling from her mother and her name is Declan Welles.


Madison Elizabeth McMahon is focusing on her career right now and she probably does not have any kids because there is no such information available.

Education and profession

Neither Madison Elizabeth McMahon nor her parents ever bothered to talk about her educational background. This is the reason you are unlikely to find anything about that. The same goes for the profession of Madison Elizabeth McMahon as well. However, with the fact that Madison Elizabeth McMahon is already 23 years old, we hope that she must have gotten the ball rolling in her professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Madison Elizabeth McMahon 

It is pretty obvious that Madison Elizabeth McMahon is getting the attention and love of the public only because of her parents, Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns, who both have successful careers in Hollywood. Madison Elizabeth McMahon is often spotted with her actress mother and this is when she attracts public eyeballs.

Net worth of Madison Elizabeth McMahon

Owing to the fact that Madison Elizabeth McMahon is probably not professionally active right now, we don’t think she would be having any net worth under her belt. However, her luxurious lifestyle indicates that she has no dearth of money in her life.


Madison Elizabeth McMahonistic daughter of two such popular actors but she has not probably followed their footprints. Maybe she wants to do something unique in her career and make her own identity.