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Marian Derrico Biography and life history

Some people make their parents proud with their extraordinary success in their professional career and the son of Marian Derrico is one of those people. Today, Marian Derrico is known because of her successful son, Deon Derrico, who is a famous American TV personality.

If you are interested in finding out more details about the life of Marian Derrico, this article will help you because here we are going to talk about the early life, family, siblings, education, profession, earnings, net worth, and other such details about Marian Derrico.

Personal life

With the fact that the reason for the popularity of Marian Derrico is her son, no information is available about the early life of Marian Derrico. From the names of her parents to the details about her birth, nothing is known to the public.

Speaking of the love life of Marian Derrico, she got married once in her life and the name of her husband was Eddie Derrico, who was the owner of a construction company. When the two got hitched is not confirmed but they remained married till 1996. Whether their marriage ended with a divorce or there was any other reason for the separation is not confirmed. Recently, Marian Derrico has been struggling with her health and she is said to have lung cancer.

Parents and siblings 

We have already told you that finding out any details about the parents, siblings, and family background of Marian Derrico is not possible because she herself lived her life as an ordinary person and never made these details public.


How the married life of Marian Derrico with Eddie Derrico was is not really known but it has definitely given Marian Derrico the pleasure of motherhood. She has one son and his name is Deon Derrico, who works in the entertainment industry and is a popular TV personality.

Education and profession

As you may expect, no information is available about the educational background of Marian Derrico. If you talk about the profession of Marian Derrico, she worked as a hair specialist and owned a hair salon. She is probably not professionally active right now because she is in her old age and has not been on good terms with her health as well.

Reason for the popularity of Marian Derrico

The whole credit for the popularity of Marian Derrico goes to her son, Deon Derrico, who is a famous American TV celebrity and has achieved a good share of success through his own efforts.

Net worth of Marian Derrico

Since Marian Derrico worked as a hair specialist and has her own hair salon, it would not be wrong to assume that she must have earned a good amount in her life. However, the exact figures of Marian Derrico’s net worth are not known to the public. As for the net worth of her famous son, Deon Derrico, he is estimated to have around 6 million right now.


Marian Derrico is a strong lady who worked professionally really hard in her life and provided her child with whatever she could. She is definitely the biggest reason behind the success of her son.