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The Sad Life Story of Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova

Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova was the son of American actor and comedian Cantinflas and his wife, Valentina Ivanova Zuvareff. He was born on September 1, 1960 in Mexico City, Mexico. He was an adoptive child of the late actor, given that he and his wife could not have any children together. They had tried for a while, but then it was clear that they would never be blessed with a biological child, and so they decided to adopt a child whom they named Mario.

Controversy Surrounding His Adoption

Mario is believed to be a product of a relationship between a woman named Marion Roberts and Moreno Reyes. The two had an affair, and after some time, Marion realized that she was pregnant. Marion had a lot of troubles, including financial issues, so she turned to Cantinflas so that he could take care of her and the child. Given that Cantinflas had experienced difficulties having a child with his wife, he pitched the idea of adopting the child to Marion, and she seemed to agree with her.

It is alleged that Cantinflas paid Marion about ten thousand dollars when she was pregnant, such that as soon as she gave birth to her child, she would give the child to Cantinflas. When Mario was born, his mother gave him up for adoption as she had agreed with Cantinflas, but over time, she felt that she should take back her child. Marion traveled to the United States to request Cantinflas to give her back her son. However, he declined, saying that he already had legal papers that indicated that Mario Arturo was his child.

After Cantinflas declined to give Mario back to her biological mother, she became depressed, and after some time, he committed suicide. The other story told is that Cantinflas met Marion in a hotel, which was love at first sight; after having a romantic affair, Mario was born and Cantinflas claimed that he never blocked Marion from seeing her son.

Personal Life

Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova was married; his wife was Tita Marbez. It is unclear when the two met and when they got married, but they were together until Mario died in 2017. Their marriage spanned over two decades, and they had a son who died in 2013, but the cause of his son’s death was never mentioned. However, it was later said to be a suicide; his lifeless body was found in a hotel room in Hotel Santa Cruz.

Mario also claimed to have had a relationship with his biological mother, and his father always reminded him when it was his mother’s anniversary. He was a good person; it is just that he was unlucky, given that he had lost his son.


Adversities had always been part of Mario Arturo Moreno Ivanova’s life. He lost his biological mother when he was a young child, and to make matters worse, he always heard several and various versions regarding his adoption, something which was not pleasant. In 2013, he lost his son Mario Moreno Bernat after he committed suicide. Mario died in 2017 after suffering a heart attack.