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Discover the Story of Dorian Gibbs, The Last Son of Marla Gibbs

Marla Gibbs is a veteran American actress, singer, comedian, writer, and television producer who made history with a career that spanned over seven decades. Dorian Gibbs is the youngest son of the famed actress and just like his mother, he chose the entertainment industry to become an actor.

Although Dorian’s mother was famed in the Hollywood world, he has kept a low profile. Dorian is also an actor and writer, but it seems he retired from his career earlier to spend time with his aging mother.

Dorian Gibbs has a close relationship with his mother and he has ensured he keeps a close eye during her old age. Dorian’s mother revealed that her son had been living in Brazil for almost a decade, but he visited occasionally to check on the famed actress.

Who is Marla Gibbs?

Marla Gibbs is a famous actress, singer writer, and television personality. The actress who received a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star had a career in the entertainment industry for over seven decades, making her one of the longest-serving actresses.

Marla had a tough childhood and she had to ensure the loss of her father which forced her to change schools a few times. After she completed her studies, she relocated to Los Angeles where she was recuperating from an ulcer.

While in Los Angeles, Marla started working as a reservation agent with United Airlines. Gibbs first acted in Los Angeles black theater before she got her first acting role in the early 1970s.

In 1975, Gibbs was featured in The Jeffersons CBC sitcom as the family maid, and her fame started to rise. At first, Gibbs maintained her airline job while she worked in the CBS sitcom series. She worked hard during the day at the Airlines and worked at CBS during the night.

When The Jeffersons became a hit, Gibbs was requested to ask for a leave of absence, and she started working at the series full-time. The Jeffersons was a great success and it enabled Gibbs to get five nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Comedy Series.

Marla had several supporting roles, and she acted for over seven decades. After the Jeffersons became a hit, she received numerous roles in the years that followed, enabling her to establish her name as a skilled actress.

Dorian Gibbs’ Parents

Marla Gibbs and Jordan Gibbs were the parents of Dorian Gibbs. His parents were high school sweethearts, but unfortunately, they never spent their entire life in the union. Marla and Jordan walked down the aisle in 1955, but they remained committed to each other for eighteen years.

Marla and Jordan were happy parents of three children, but still, they chose to stay differently. Dorian’s parents never disclosed the reason for the divorce, but they continued taking care of their children.

Angela Gibbs is Dorian’s sister and he is also an actress like her mother. The lady has featured in several roles as an actress, and she thanks her mom for supporting and encouraging her. Dorian’s other sibling is Joseph Gibbs but he chose a quiet life away from the limelight. Thu little about him is known.