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Mary Grace Hicks High Profile Life, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Mary Grace Hicks is the celebrity sister of Hope Hicks, former political advisor for ex-President Donald Trump. Read further to learn more about Mayr Hicks and her life.

Personal Life

Mary grace hicks is the older sister of Hope Hicks. Mary and Hope grew up close together with their parents in the United States. Mary met Wyod David Woods in Greenwich High School, they were childhood friends who grew up together. They dated for ten long years from high school to university and more. The couple married each other on November 19, 2016. They are parents to a baby boy.  Mary’s husband works as a global macrotrader with a qualification in charted financial analysis.


Mary Grace completed her graduation from a high school. Afterward, she joined a college to study as a future nurse. After graduation, she also gained medical certification to pursue a nursing career.


Mary started her career as a model and ramp walker for a Ralph Lauren Advertisement. She started modeling when she was just a teen and continued modeling for a few years before she joined the university. During her college days, Mary realized she wanted to be in the medical field. Which soon led her to volunteer for GMS. Mary served as an emergency medical technician at Greenwich Emergency Medical Services, Greenwich. Now, she is a full-time medical professional and she helps people with fashion tips and styles on her social media page.

Net Worth

Mary Grace Hicks’s net worth is around $3 million. Which includes her income streams and land assets. Her sister, Hope Hick’s net worth is around  $1 million.

Why Is She Famous?

Mary became popular because of her career as a model.  Her unique features and ramp walk gained a lot of public attention. She appeared in fame again when her sister, Hope Hicks, became a professional and political advisor for President Trump.

Popular Sister

Mary’s younger sister Hope Hicks became the political advisor for President Trump. She worked there for four long years and also had a career in modeling like her older sister.

Lesser Known Facts

  • Mary Hicks started her career as a model when she was in high school.
  • When she joined college she started to lean towards her medical profession.
  • She is married to her childhood sweetheart, Wyod David Woods.
  • She is a mother of one baby.
  • Mary resides in Greenwich, United  States with her family.
  • Her sister worked as a political advisor for four years.

Media Presence

Mary Grace Hicks appeared in numerous media outlets, fashion shows, beauty events, and on the news during her modeling days. She gained attention as the exotic blonde model at the Ralph Lauren Fashion event. Then she came to the limelight as her sister became the political advisor for President Trump and was the highest-paid white house staff.

High Profile Life

Mary Grace Hicks lives a high-profile life while working as a full-time medical professional. She enjoys a luxurious life as a former model and sister of Hope Hicks. She lives with her family in the United States.


Mary Grace Hicks is a celebrity former model and sister of Hope Hicks, the former political advisor for President Trump.