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Matilda Clutterbuck: Unveiling a Life of Creativity and Impact

Matilda Clutterbuck is a British celebrity child, who has been grabbing the attention of the media recently because both of her parents are renowned personalities in the British cinema industry and their names are Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln.

The cute girl is already taking the internet by storm, so today we thought to find out all life details of her. If you are interested in knowing the early life, family, siblings, education, profession, and other such details about Matilda Clutterbuck, read the article further.

Personal life 

In 2007, British actors, Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln, welcomed their first child and it was Matilda Clutterbuck. Today, the 16-year-old British celebrity child enjoys the wonderful days of her life beautifully with her sibling. If you are curious to know about her personal life or love interest, let us tell you it is a secret. The young teenager might be dating someone but she made sure to keep it a secret only.

Parents and siblings

Matilda Clutterbuck is the first-born of Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln, who got married in 2006 after dating for years and were blessed with Matilda Clutterbuck the next year itself. 3 years later in 2010, they welcomed another child and the name of the younger brother of Matilda Clutterbuck is Arthur Clutterbuck.

If we talk about the profession of her parents, they both are tremendously successful British actors and have gained massive success in their respective careers.


With the fact that Matilda Clutterbuck is only 16 years old today, we don’t think she would have any kids.

Education and profession

The parents of Matilda Clutterbuck are not very open about the personal lives of their kids and this is the reason that there is no information available about her education. However, considering her age, it can be said that the young teenager must have completed her school. Not just about her education but there is nothing available about her professional career either.

Reason for the popularity of Matilda Clutterbuck 

This goes without saying that the one and only reason for the popularity of Matilda Clutterbuck is her parents, Gael Anderson and Andrew Lincoln, who both are famous personalities. The father of Matilda Clutterbuck is also quite active on social media as well.

Net worth of Matilda Clutterbuck

With the fact that Matilda Clutterbuck is only 16 years old and probably does not have any profession as of now, she does not have any net worth either. However, being the daughter of celebrity parents, she has got huge luxury in her life. As of 2023, her father, Andrew Lincoln, is expected to have a giant net worth of around 30 million. In addition to that, the mother of Matilda Clutterbuck also has a huge net worth.


The parents of Matilda Clutterbuck are today successful actors. So, we will not be surprised to see Matilda Clutterbuck as an emerging star in the upcoming future. She might follow the footprints of her parents and make a career in the film industry.