Maureen Dumont Kelly – Minka Kelly’s Mother Maureen Dumont Kelly – Minka Kelly’s Mother

Maureen Dumont Kelly – Minka Kelly’s Mother

Minka Kelly is a renowned American actress, and her work in the acting industry has greatly contributed to her fame. While many people know her, only a few know the details about who her mother was. Surprisingly, Minka’s mother, Maureen Dumont Kelly, was also in the acting industry, only that her fame didn’t grow like that of her daughter. Read on as we discuss who Maureen Dumon Kelly is.

Who is Maureen Dumont Kelly?

Maureen is mainly known as Minka Kelly’s mother. Although she played minimal roles, she was an actress during her time. She appeared on TV shows such as the 1985 Hell Squad film. Other films that she appeared in include Roseanne (1988) and Thirtysomething (1987).

Maureen was also an exotic dancer and she performed at the Crazy Girls Club located in Los Angeles. Maureen was born on December 20, 1956. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and she has mixed ethnicity. Her eye color is brown, while her hair color is light brown. Maureen was born in Whittier, California, United States.

Maureen was married to Rick Dufay, and they had one child, Minka Kelly. Their daughter went ahead to become an actress and had a successful career than her mother. Rick Dufay is a musician and guitarist. His popularity was because of his association with the Aerosmith rock band. When working with the band, his main role was being a guitarist, and the band was famous during the 1980s.

Maureen’s Relationship

Maureen Dumont Kelly first met Rick in 1979 when recording in a studio in Los Angeles. They started talking and soon began dating. The two had a romantic relationship, and before they could realize it, Maureen was expectant. Unfortunately, Rick was not ready for fatherhood, but Maureen was excited about keeping the baby.

The difference in opinion made them separate. Nonetheless, Rick keeps in contact with his daughter, and Minka Kelly has, on different occasions, expressed her love for her dad. Following the separation from Rick Dufay, Maureen never shared any information about moving on with her love life. We can’t confirm if she got married at any other point in her life.

Maureen’s Death

Death is guaranteed for any human being. For Maureen, her death met her courtesy of colon cancer. She died in 2008, and by this time, she was 51 years old. She left behind her daughter, Minka Kelly, who was a grown-up by this time.

Maureen’s Celebrity Daughter

Maureen is the mother of Minka Dumont Kelly, an American actress born on June 24, 1980. Minka’s fame is attributed to her role as Lyla Garrity on Friday Night Lights. The NBC drama series aired between 2006 to 2009.

Minka has had a booming acting career. She has also appeared in other films such as The Roommate and Parenthood. Her acting skills and talent helped her quickly grow in fame, and she managed to surpass her mother’s career achievement.

Minka was the only child in the family, and she is of Irish, French, and Dutch-Indonesian ancestry.