Meet Sam Stoker Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and Caylie Stoker’s Son Meet Sam Stoker Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and Caylie Stoker’s Son

Meet Sam Stoker Jenner, Brandon Jenner, and Caylie Stoker’s Son

Sam Stoker Jenner is a celebrity son many people were waiting to meet even before he was born. Sam’s parents announced the good news in 2019, and they surprised their fans when they announced that they would soon become parents.

Sam Stoker was born with his twin brother Bo Thompson in February 2020, and news of the beautiful boys spread on social media. Brandon Jenner, Sam’s father, was so happy with the news and glad that he had become a dad again.

Sam’s Bio

Sam is still a young boy who was born in February 2020. The young boy has been enjoying his family’s company, as his mom posts regularly about their growth. Sam is a brother to Jenner’s daughter, whom he shares with ex-wife Leah.

After Sam’s parents learned of the pregnancy, they talked to their daughter Ava James, who was three then. Ava was thrilled to be an older sister and was eager to meet her siblings.

Sam’s Father

Brandon Jenner is a famous singer-songwriter and reality TV star. Jenner, part of a prominent family, has been a great father to his three children. When Sam knew he would be a father again, he posted about the good news, expressing his deep love for his wife, Caylie.

Brandon Jenner was formerly married to Leah, but they separated. Brandon explained that they separated beautifully and agreed to continue parenting their daughter, Ava. Brandon has maintained a good relationship with his ex-wife, a family friend.

Sam’s father met his mother in 2018, and the pair walked down the aisle in 2020 after knowing they were expecting twin boys. Sam’s father explained how he learned from the first time that they were meant for each other, making it easy to get along so well.

Jenner spent time bonding with his wife, and they got to know each other’s families before walking down the aisle. Sam’s mother has a close bond with Linda Thompson, Jenner’s mother, and she has posted sweet messages wishing her daughter-in-law a happy birthday.

Although Sam’s father is married to his mother, he maintains a close relationship with Leah and is always credited for caring for their daughter. The singer has always credited his wife and ex-wife for putting their children first and building a happy family.

Who is Sam Stoker’s Mother?

Cayley Stoker is Sam’s mother and the adorable wife of singer Jenner. Stoker was born in Malibu, California, and attended Our Lady of Malibu and Malibu High School. During a 2022 interview, Stoker Told the Malibu Times that Malibu is the only place she knows she calls home. Moreover, her husband was born and raised in Malibu, making it even better.

Stoker serves on the Malibu Parks and Recreation Commission, preserving natural resources. Stoker’s father has served in the commission for many years, receiving an award, and she hopes she can follow in his footsteps.