Meet Tyra Banks’ Daughter Tatjana Asla Meet Tyra Banks’ Daughter Tatjana Asla

Meet Tyra Banks’ Daughter Tatjana Asla: Bio, Career, Net Worth

Tatjana Asla specially started her life growing up with a famous parent, Tyra Banks. Her childhood was filled with fame and chances. Tatjana combined her unique experiences to build her path as she grew, bringing together the worlds of being famous and being herself.


Famous kids often get a lot of attention, and many people follow them online to learn more about their lives. Tatjana Asla is one of these kids who has many online fans, just like other star children.

Tatjana is famous on the internet because she is the daughter of Tyra Banks, a famous American TV star, and Erik Asla, a well-known photographer and artist. Even though she’s not Tyra’s biological daughter, she shares a strong bond with her.

Tyra Banks, Tatjana’s mom, is very talented. She’s a writer, producer, businesswoman, actress, and model. Tatjana’s dad, Erik, is a skilled photographer and artist. He displays his work on his website and Instagram.

Tatjana’s dad, Erik, is a photographer. We don’t know much about her biological mom. Since Tyra raised her, we can assume that she’s her mom. Tyra took on the role of a parent when she started dating Erik. Tatjana also has two younger sisters, Taylor and Tatum, who are still in their teenage years.

Her Career

Following her mother, Tyra Banks’ footsteps, Asla began modelling. She took her first steps on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2015 event. Her modeling journey included a feature in Bakareh’s fall 2015 catalog. Elite Model Management in New York and LA Models proudly represents Tatjana Asla. Despite her relatively brief time in the industry, Tatjana has quickly earned a reputation for outstanding work.

Tatjana Asla built out her own identity, separate from her mother’s successful career, despite being born into the legacy of a supermodel and entrepreneur. While navigating the complicated world of fame and expectations, she was driven to carve out a place all her own during her formative years.

She represented labels such as VFILES and Eckhaus Latta at her first event. She may be too young, but she already has an impressive portfolio from her work with photographers like Chenonceau and James Mountford.

She has also previously worked with her father. Furthermore, based on her present work, she is one of the developing models of her generation. She has also made strides because Elite and LA Models have signed her. This is a huge achievement for her as an aspiring model.

Tatjana’s Parents

Erik Asla’s rise to prominence came through his exceptional photography work during Norway’s Next Top Model 2013, where he captured stunning images of the show’s contestants. The sparks of chemistry between Erik Asla and Tyra Banks were ignited when they crossed paths on Norway’s Next Top Model in 2013. Their connection deepened over time, leading to the birth of their son, York Banks Asla, through surrogacy in January 2016.

During the years 2013 to 2017, Erik Asla and Tyra Banks shared a romantic relationship that eventually came to an end. On October 3, 2017, they publicly announced their breakup. However, even after parting ways as a couple, their bond as parents remains strong as they continue co-parenting their beloved son, York Banks Asla.

Her Net Worth

Tatjana has recently started her independent career and has yet to gather significant wealth. Our estimation indicates she earns around $83,400 annually as a professional model, which is respectable.