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Miah Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh’s Ex-Wife’s Bio, Family, Career and Net Worth

Miah Harbaugh is a celebrity ex-wife who has continued to enjoy the limelight because of her previous marriage. Miah was married to the NFL coach and former quarterback for ten years, forming an essential pillar of support in Jim Harbaugh’s life.

Despite Miah’s husband ‘s busy schedule, she worked hard to maintain her family and care for their three children. Miah was so supportive of Jim, and she ensured she attended all the matches that Jim was playing.

Miah Harbaugh’s Bio

Miah Lee Burke was born in New Jersey, USA, on August 25, 1966. Miah Lee led a quiet life before she met NFL player Jim Harbaugh. Miah’s childhood details have never been shared, but she must have schooled in her hometown.

Miah was dedicated to her studies, and she joined the University of Michigan, where she took Paralegal Studies while working in restaurants as a waitress. While Miah was in college, she met Jim Harbaugh, although she never knew he was a football player.

Miah Harbaugh’s Marriage

Miah Harbaugh is not married currently. However, she married Jim Harbaugh for a decade, during which she had three kids. Miah met Jim in a club, where she had gone to enjoy herself, and Jim approached her and introduced himself.

The couple were attracted to each other, and they started dating shortly after getting to know each other. Miah and Jim had a long-distance relationship, and many troubles surrounded it. The couple broke up a few times during their five years of dating but were never discouraged from marrying.

After five years of dating, Jim and Miah walked down the aisle and married in 1996. The marriage started on a high note, and they were blessed with three children. Miah stopped her hustle as a waitress and started caring for her children and home as Jim worked on his football career.

Who are Miah Harbaugh’s Children

Miah is a proud mother to three children. Her eldest son, Jay, is passionate about football and has followed in his footsteps. Jay is a running back coach at the University of Michigan, showcasing his football talent.

James Jr is Miah’s secondborn, and he is a talented artist. James Jr, who has openly embraced being gay, has made his parents proud through his creative talents. He has pursued a career in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Michigan University.

Grace Harbaugh is Miah’s youngest child, and she is a skilled water polo player. Like her elder brother, Grace is an athlete at the University of Michigan, where she continues to perfect her skills.

Why Did Miah and Jim Harbaugh Divorce?

Miah and Jim Harbaugh have never come open about ther divorce. The couple lived a happy life for a decade before divorcing in 2006. Miah was given custody of her children, but the children have continued to share a strong bond with their father.

While Miah remains unmarried, her ex-husband was married in 2008 and has four other children with his second wife. From Miah’s interview, Jim’s busy schedule may have resulted in their divorce.