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Miko Tomasevich: Find Out Net Worth of Crystal Lowe’s Husband

Miko Tomasevich is widely recognized as the supportive husband of renowned Canadian actress Crystal Lowe. While he may be in the background, Miko has made a name for himself through his dedication, talent, and unwavering support for his wife’s successful career. In this biography, we delve into the life of Miko Tomasevich, exploring his early years, his role as a husband and father, and his professional endeavors, and we shed light on his net worth. Join us as we uncover the intriguing details of Miko Tomasevich’s life journey.


Early Life and Background

Born and raised in Canada, Miko Tomasevich has kept most details about his early life private. Unfortunately, limited information about his exact date of birth, parents, and siblings is available. However, it is known that Miko is Canadian by nationality, and his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Miko Tomasevich has an intelligent and handsome appearance, which has garnered his attention and popularity among the youth. Standing approximately 5’10” tall and weighing around 69 kg, he has a lean build that complements his overall charm. Miko has captivating brown eyes and stylish black hair, enhancing his attractive features.

Personal Life and Relationship

Miko Tomasevich’s life took a significant turn when he married Crystal Lowe, a talented actress known for her roles in notable films such as “Children of the Corn: Revelation,” “Final Destination 3,” and “Black Christmas.” The couple tied the knot on August 8, 2009, in a beautiful ceremony at Vancouver’s historic Hycroft Manor. Miko and Crystal have been blessed with two children, although their names have not been publicly disclosed. Miko and Crystal have built a loving and fulfilling life together, with their shared ownership of Hyde Restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia, adding another dimension to their relationship.

Professional Life and Career

While Miko Tomasevich’s professional career remains largely undisclosed, his support and encouragement have played a pivotal role in Crystal Lowe’s success. Crystal has garnered recognition and acclaim for her versatile performances in movies like “Final Destination 3,” “Wrong Turn 2: Dead End,” and “Black Christmas.” She has also made appearances in popular TV shows such as “Supernatural,” “Stargate: Atlantis,” and “The L Word.” Crystal’s career began as a model, and she made her acting debut at 15 in an episode of “Stargate SG-1.” Since then, she has continued to impress audiences with her talent and versatility, building a remarkable filmography.

Net Worth and Earnings

While no specific information is available about Miko Tomasevich’s net worth and earnings, his wife Crystal Lowe has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million through her successful acting career. Crystal’s talent and dedication to her craft have led to a flourishing career, and her financial success reflects her accomplishments in the industry.

Family Life and Personal Traits

Miko Tomasevich’s dedication to his family is evident in his loving and supportive role as a husband and father. Despite the limited information available about his early life, Miko has embraced the responsibilities of family life with enthusiasm and commitment. He creates a happy and nurturing environment for his wife and children, ensuring their needs are met, and they feel loved and supported.


Miko’s traits further enhance his role as a family man. He is known for his creative thinking, which allows him to approach challenges and opportunities with a fresh perspective. This creative mindset enables him to find innovative solutions and explore new possibilities in his personal and professional endeavors. Miko’s ability to think outside the box contributes to the success and fulfillment he brings to his family life.


In addition to his creativity, Miko possesses a positive outlook on life. He maintains an optimistic attitude even in the face of adversity, believing in the power of positivity to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. This positive mindset benefits his well-being and influences those around him, creating a harmonious and uplifting atmosphere within the family.


His passion and dedication characterize Miko’s work ethic. He approaches every task with a strong purpose and puts in tremendous effort to deliver results that exceed expectations. His workaholic nature drives him to go the extra mile, constantly seeking improvement and growth. Miko’s commitment to excellence is fueled by his desire to continually challenge himself and make a meaningful impact in his personal and professional pursuits.


Miko’s focus and determination are key to his personal and professional growth. He sets clear goals for himself and remains steadfast in pursuing them. His unwavering determination enables him to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and succeed. Miko’s ability to maintain focus amidst distractions and setbacks has been instrumental in his life journey, propelling him forward and helping him turn dreams into reality.



In addition to supporting his wife’s career, Miko Tomasevich and Crystal Lowe are the proud owners of Hyde Restaurant, situated in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their entrepreneurial venture showcases their shared interests and entrepreneurial spirit. Miko and Crystal have contributed to the local community as business owners and established themselves as successful entrepreneurs.

Privacy and Clean Public Image

Despite being married to a well-known actress, Miko Tomasevich has managed to maintain a clean public image. He has avoided controversies and rumors, preferring to keep his personal life private. Miko’s ability to uphold his privacy while supporting his wife’s career is a testament to his character and dedication to a harmonious family life.

Future Endeavors

While details about Miko Tomasevich’s current professional endeavors are unknown, his commitment to supporting his wife’s career suggests that he will continue to play a vital role in Crystal Lowe’s future projects. As their children grow older, Miko and Crystal may explore new opportunities together or individually, further expanding their professional horizons.

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Miko Tomasevich and Crystal Lowe have committed to giving back to the community. They may actively participate in philanthropic endeavors, supporting causes close to their hearts. By leveraging their influence and resources, Miko and Crystal have the potential to make a positive impact on society.

In Conclusion,

Miko Tomasevich’s life is characterized by his unwavering support for his wife, Crystal Lowe, and their shared ventures. With his striking physical appearance, passion, work ethic, and entrepreneurial spirit, Miko continues to inspire others. While his personal and professional details remain primarily private, Miko’s dedication to his family and commitment to success make him an integral part of Crystal Lowe’s life and a standout figure in their journey together.