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Naiia Rose Ulrich: Networth of a Child Star

Born in 2001, England, the life of the life of Naiia Rose Ulrich is a story of early stardom, familial influence, and a triumphant comeback in the world of film. With a father, Skeet Ulrich, entrenched in Hollywood’s golden era, Naiia’s journey from a child actor in “Due Date” to her recent projects paints a vivid picture of talent and resilience.

And so, to discover the life of Naiia Rose Ulrich, with article will explore the multifaceted life of a rising Movie Actress, revealing the intertwining threads of career, family, and personal connections.

Early Life:

Naiia Rose Ulrich, born on March 9, 2001, in England, began her journey into the entertainment world at a young age. Growing up to with her well-renowned father, actor Skeet Ulrich, which played a pivotal role in shaping her early exposure to the film industry.

Naiia’s debut at the age of 9 in the 2010 comedy “Due Date” marked the start of her promising career. Raised alongside her twin brother, Jakob Ulrich, in an environment of creativity, Naiia’s early life laid the foundation for her later success in the world of acting.


With her acting debut in “Due Date”, Naiia Rose Ulrich’s career allowed her to grow her talent and become a resilient actress. During her debut film, she was able to showcase her acting prowess alongside industry stalwarts while collaborating with her twin brother in “Due Date” highlighted her versatility.

Although she went into an eight-year hiatus, she returned with impactful roles in short films.

Naiia’s dedication to her talent as an actress is evident in her post-hiatus projects, including “My Fiona” and “I, Challenger.” With a family legacy in entertainment, Naiia’s career trajectory promises continued success and an enduring mark on the silver screen.

Net Worth:

As of 2024, Naiia Rose Ulrich boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million. This substantial figure aligns with her successful career in the film industry, marked by early achievements and a notable comeback. Her father, Skeet Ulrich, with a net worth of $5 million, significantly contributes to the family’s financial success.

Naiia’s journey from a young debutant to a prominent actress is reflected in her robust net worth, affirming her position as one of the wealthiest Movie Actresses from the United Kingdom.


Naiia Rose Ulrich’s family is a tapestry of artistic excellence. Her father, Skeet Ulrich, a prominent actor from the 1990s, provided a creative foundation. Skeet’s notable career achievements, including roles in “Scream” and “Riverdale,” influenced Naiia’s early exposure to the industry.

With her twin brother, Jakob Ulrich,  further adds to the family’s artistic legacy. Naiia’s upbringing in a household rich in creativity and talent has undoubtedly shaped her identity as a Movie Actress.


Naiia Rose Ulrich’s romantic journey includes a relationship with Stutz Elliot, as evidenced by social media posts celebrating their anniversary. The couple, residing in Los Angeles, shares glimpses of their happiness. Naiia’s connection to her boyfriend adds a personal dimension to her public persona.

Despite her parents’ divorce, Naiia maintains a strong relationship with her father, Skeet Ulrich. While details of her past relationships remain undisclosed, her current romance with Stutz Elliot is a major visible aspect of Naiia’s personal life, intertwining with her thriving career and family legacy.


Overall, Naiia Rose Ulrich’s story echoes the harmonious blend of familial influence, career triumphs, and personal relationships. From her early debut to a hiatus and subsequent comeback, Naiia’s journey underscores the dynamism of the entertainment industry.

As Naiia continues to make her mark in the film industry, her narrative serves as a testament to the intricate dance between personal and professional realms, creating a compelling story of growth, resilience, and success in the world of cinema.