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Nick Yankovic – Everything We Know About Alfred Yankovic’s Father

Nick Yankovic was an actor who met his death due to accidental carbon monoxide. Even after his death, his fame as an actor best known for “Weird AI” Yankovic remains courtesy of his son. Nick Yankovic is the father of “Weird AI” Yankovic. His son’s actual name is Alfred Mathew Yankovic. As a celebrity and the father of a celebrity, we will dig deeper to share the available information about Nick Yankovic and his son.

Who is Nick Yankovic?

Nick Yankovic is popularly known as the father of “Weird AI” Yankovic. He was born on June 4, 1917. His birthplace is Kansas City, Kansas. He is of American nationality, and his profession was acting. Some of his popular films include “Weird AI” Yankovic: I Lost on Jeopardy (1984). He also has other films released in 1996, 1999, etc.

Nick Yankovic was the son of Mathew Yankovich and was born in Kansas City, California.

Nick Yankovic’s Family

Nick Yankovic was married to Mary Yankovic. His wife was born on August 14, 1949. The couple had one son, “Weird AI” Yankovic. Nick lived a happy life with his wife, but most information about their childhood, how they met, and their personal life is unknown.

Unfortunately, the couple died on April 9, 20014. They were found dead after accidentally getting exposed to carbon monoxide poisoning in their home in San Diego. Investigations concluded that a closed flue in the fireplace is what exposed them to carbon monoxide, causing their death in their sleep.

News about their death met their son while preparing to enter the stage to perform. However, he proceeded to enter the stage and perform, and when asked about it, he said that music was his way of bonding with his fans and helping them fight their hardship. Hence, he felt focusing on his music would help ease the pain and divert him from reality.

Meet Nick Yankovic’s Son

Alfred Mathew Yankovic, whose professional name is “Weird AI” Yankovic, is the son of Nick Yankovic. He was born on October 23, 1959. Nick’s son is popularly known for creating comedy songs that have a taste of pop culture. He also creates parody versions of specific contemporary musicians.

Alfred Yankovic is the only child of Mary Elizabeth and Nick Yankovic. He was born in Downey, California. However, he was raised in Lynwood, California.

Nick’s son found his interest in music when he was turning seven. During his birthday, his parents met a door-to-door salesman who offered guitar lessons at a music school within their area. His parents opted for him to join accordion playing instead of guitar as they felt it seemed more promising.

Alfred is mainly known for being a singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor, and author. He focuses on comedy, parody, geek rock, and the polka genres. Regarding his instruments, he is good at vocals, keyboards, and accordion.

Alfred has been active in the industry since 1976 and has released different albums. He has also been associated with different labels.