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Norwill Simmonds Biography and life history

Norwill Simmonds is a Canadian singer, who is best known for being the father of musician Daniel Caesar. Norwill Simmonds has released several super-hit songs in his career. Today, we are here to tell you all the details about the life of Norwill Simmonds.

So, read the article and find out all information about early life, family, siblings, education profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other details about Norwill Simmonds.

Personal life

Though Norwill Simmonds is a singer, no information is available about his early life. Be it the names of his parents or his birth details, you are unlikely to find anything about early life. If you talk about the nationality of Norwill Simmonds, he is Canadian.

Speaking of the personal life of Norwill Simmonds, he is a married man and the name of his lady love is Hollace. When Norwill Simmonds got married to his wife and whether or not he is together with her today is not confirmed. Since Norwill Simmonds maintains a completely private life, it is not known what he has been doing in recent years.

Parents and siblings

Norwill Simmonds is not a very open kind of person who keeps his life details open to the public. This is the reason not any information is available about his parents, siblings, and family background. Not only Norwill Simmonds but his famous son has also never talked about his grandparents.


How was the married life of Norwill Simmonds is not exactly known but he has four kids with his wife, Hollace. Among all, the most popular child of Norwill Simmonds is Daniel Caesar, who is also a musician and has released several super-hit music albums. He has gone even far from his father in terms of professional success.

Education and profession

Here again, you are unlikely to find any details because Norwill Simmonds has not made the details public related to her educational background. As far as the profession of Norwill Simmonds is concerned he is a pastor and gospel singer. Although he could not make something grand and massive in his professional career, whatever he has achieved in his life is solely through his own efforts.

Reason for the popularity of Norwill Simmonds

The professional career of Norwill Simmonds is a big reason for the popularity of Norwill Simmonds. However, he is mainly known for being the father of Canadian singer and songwriter Daniel Caesar. Despite the fact that Norwill Simmonds hardly makes public appearances with his celebrity son, he is still known for being his father.

Net worth of Norwill Simmonds

As we already know, Norwill Simmonds worked as a gospel singer and pastor,  we can expect that he must have earned a decent amount of money in his life. Nevertheless, Norwill Simmonds has not let the details come out to the public. As for the net worth of his celebrity son, Daniel Caesar, he is the proud owner of around 4 million right now.


Norwill Simmonds lived his dream of becoming a popular musician through his son. Although he himself could not achieve a high level of popularity, he made his son capable enough to do that.