overwatch 2 will encrypt its characters overwatch 2 will encrypt its characters

Blizzard’s Defense Matrix Strategy: Safeguarding ‘Overwatch 2’ and Encrypting Its Characters


As the highly anticipated release of Overwatch 2 approaches, Blizzard is strategically gearing up to address potential challenges that come with the transition to a free-to-play model. The company’s comprehensive approach, known as the Defense Matrix Strategy, aims to foster fair gameplay, mitigate disruptive behavior, and ensure a secure and enjoyable gaming environment for players.

Blizzard’s Approach: The Defense Matrix Strategy

Blizzard’s Defense Matrix Strategy has been meticulously developed by cross-functional teams across the organization to address the evolving landscape of Overwatch 2. This strategy reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining competitive integrity while promoting a positive gaming community. Key elements of the strategy include:

1. Ensuring a Positive Player Experience:

Blizzard is dedicated to cultivating an environment that resonates positively with players. Through the creation of programs and initiatives, the company aims to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among gamers.

2. Combatting Cheating and Disruptive Behavior:

Maintaining competitive integrity is a priority for Blizzard. The company’s rapid response system identifies and eliminates instances of cheating and disruptive play, thus ensuring a level playing field for players at every skill level.

3. Promoting a Safe and Constructive Community:

Blizzard is taking a firm stance against disruptive gameplay. By encouraging players who contribute positively to the community, the company aims to elevate the voices of those who embody the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Upcoming Changes and Features

While Blizzard’s approach is commendable, the detailed execution of these measures reveals a few noteworthy changes:

1. SMS Protect Requirement:

Each Overwatch 2 player is required to associate their Battle.net account with a mobile phone number through the SMS Protect feature. This step adds an additional layer of security and accountability, discouraging rule-breaking and maintaining a balanced gaming environment.

2. Audio Transcriptions for Behavior Review:

Blizzard plans to introduce audio transcriptions for reviewing in-game reports. Leveraging machine learning, these transcriptions are analyzed to identify potential disruptive behavior. The emphasis on players reporting such behavior remains crucial to this process.

3. Modifications to Chat Features:

The general chat feature, which has at times enabled disruptive behavior, will be discontinued. However, team-based and match-specific chats will continue to facilitate positive communication among players.

4. Improved Ping System:

The new ping system not only streamlines communication between players but also enhances accessibility for those who prefer alternative communication methods to voice chat.

5. Changes to Endorsements:

Endorsements will be streamlined into a single category, allowing players to endorse their teammates. High endorsement levels will reward positive players with experience points for Battle Pass progression.

6. Competitive Match Screen Changes:

Portrait Borders and skill tier information will be excluded from the Competitive pre-match screen. This adjustment aims to eliminate potential pre-match judgments and biases.

7. Expanded Anti-Cheat Systems:

With the launch of Overwatch 2, Blizzard is intensifying its anti-cheat efforts. Collaborations with external partners and third-party security companies will further bolster the game’s integrity.


As Overwatch 2 ventures into a new era of gaming, Blizzard’s Defense Matrix Strategy shines as a beacon of player-centric design. By amalgamating security measures, player experience enhancements, and a commitment to fair play, the company is fortifying the foundation of this highly anticipated game. The result? A dynamic and secure gaming experience that embraces the essence of camaraderie and competition.