Patrick Duffy Net Worth Patrick Duffy Net Worth

Patrick Duffy Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Patrick Duffy?

Patrick Duffy is an American actor who has been active in the American film industry for almost 50 years and has achieved significant success. With this fact, you can assume how much net worth he would have amassed so far. Today, we are here to discuss that only.

So, read the article further to find out all about the net worth and earnings of Patrick Duffy. What is his main source of earnings and what is his fortune. Also, we will briefly talk about the personal life of Patrick Duffy.

Net worth of Patrick Duffy

Considering the fact that Patrick Duffy has been active in the film industry for such a long time, it does not come as a surprise that today he is a proud owner of 30 million. The actor is 74 years old right now, so we don’t think there is much chance of his net worth going high in the future but we are pretty sure that it will remain the same because the actor is active in the industry even today.

Main source of earning 

As you already know Patrick Duffy is a famous actor, this is a no-brainer that the main source of his earnings is his acting career. He started his career as an actor in 1974 and is active even today. Given the fact, he has made a huge chunk of money through his acting career.

Additional earning streams

Apart from being a successful actor, Patrick Duffy is also a director and television personality. His active presence in these two professions has certainly helped him to make good money. How much exactly he has made is not confirmed but these two professions definitely added up huge money to his net worth.

Fortune asset and endorsement 

If you talk about the fortune and assets of Patrick Duffy, he is the proud owner of luxurious houses and cars. Recently, he has put his opulent home of 382 acres worth almost 11 million for sale. As for assets and endorsements of Patrick Duffy, there is not much information available regarding the same.

Patrick Duffy’s expenditure on charity 

Patrick Duffy is a kind soul who supports a bunch of charity organizations including the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association. In addition to that, Patrick Duffy gets indulged in various other charity works including children’s welfare.

Personal life of Patrick Duffy 

Patrick Duffy was born in 1949 in Townsend, Montana, United States as the beloved son of Terence and Marie Duffy. If we talk about the married life of Patrick Duffy, he got married to Carlyn Rosser in 1974. The couple remained together for more than 40 years before the death of his wife in 2017. After her, Patrick Duffy started a romantic relationship with American actress Linda Purl in 2020 and today they are probably together.


Patrick Duffy is 74 years old and is the proud owner of 30 million. With this fact, we can assume how much hard work he has done in his life to earn such a huge amount of money.