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Paul DeRobbio: All About Sheree J. Wilson’s Husband-His Personal Info, His Career And Net Worth

Sheree J. Wilson, an American actor and director known for her work, was married to Paul DeRobbio. Their marriage to the well-known model got much attention, especially on different social media platforms. In the next part, you’ll learn more about this.

Who is Paul DeRobbie?

Paul DeRobbio was once married to the well-known American actor and producer Sheree J. Wilson. Their marriage, particularly due to Sheree’s prominence as a model, drew significant attention, especially on social media platforms.

Sheree J. Wilson, his former spouse, is a multifaceted figure recognized as an actress, entrepreneur, and producer. They welcomed two sons into their family during their marriage: Luke DeRobbio and Nicholas DeRobbio. However, the couple made the mutual decision to divorce in 2004.

Paul DeRobbio maintains an intensely private lifestyle, safeguarding details like his age and date of birth from public view. Similarly, he keeps his family’s information and origins undisclosed. His educational history also remains a mystery to the public.

In 1991, DeRobbio tied the knot with renowned American actress and producer Sheree J. Wilson. Despite welcoming two sons into their family, they later opted for a divorce.

Paul is the parent of two children born during his marriage to the renowned American actress and businesswoman Sheree J. Wilson. Luke DeRobbio and Nicholas DeRobbio are their names. Luke DeRobbio was born in 1990, while Nicholas DeRobbio was born on August 6, 1997. Luke will turn 26 in 2023, while Nicholas will celebrate his 33rd birthday.

His Career

There is little known about Paul DeRobbio’s job or work, which is unfortunate. He has lived a quiet life and hasn’t been a public person of much note. From 1991 to 2004, he married the famous American actress and businesswoman Sheree J. Wilson.

Because there are few details about Paul DeRobbio’s career are known to the public, it’s hard to give a full picture of his work. He has decided to stay out of the limelight and live a quieter life. Most of what is known about him is about his family, especially his marriage to Sheree J. Wilson and their two boys, Luke DeRobbio and Nicholas DeRobbio.

His Net Worth

Unfortunately, detailed information about Paul DeRobbio’s career or profession is not readily available. He has maintained a private life and has not been a publicly recognized figure in terms of his career or financial status.

It’s important to note that as of 2023, Paul DeRobbio’s net worth is yet to be made available. However, his ex-wife Sheree J. Wilson, a well-known American actress and entrepreneur, has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023. Her earnings have been accumulated primarily from her significant roles in the entertainment industry, particularly in prominent TV shows.

Sheree J. Wilson gained recognition for her performances in popular TV shows like “Dallas” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Additionally, she has been involved in various business ventures and endorsements, contributing to her net worth.