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Everything About Paul Edward Hospenthal’s Net Worth, Wife Children, Career, and  Bio

Paul Edward Hospenthal is a celebrity ex-husband of Danica Patrick. In 2008, Danica became the first woman to win the IndyCar Series race at Indy Japan 300, and she made it clear that she was among the most accomplished female drivers in the history of America.

Hospenthal became famous in 2005 when he walked down the aisle and became the husband of Danica. The couple had met when Danica was recuperating from a hip injury that she had incurred during a Yoga class.

Paul Edward Hospenthal’s Bio

Paul Edward grew up in Tacoma, Washington. The therapist was born on June 5, 1965, and came into the spotlight because of his marital relationship with Danica. Paul is a physical therapist with expertise in treating injuries from golf and racing.

Paul had an interest in sports and he started golfing as a leisure activity. Paul had expertise in dealing with sports injuries and he began to establish himself as a capable therapist for the golfing community.

Paul started expanding his connections in the golf community and it enabled him to expand his patient base. Among the Connections, he met Danica who also shared an interest in golf. As a result, she became one of his patients and they knew each other since then.

Paul and Danica divorced after eight years but they did not have any children. Paul Edward has led a quiet life since his divorce, and there have been no rumors of being in a relationship with another lady.

Paul Edward Hospenthal Career

Paul is a licensed physical therapist. He specializes in treating injuries that impact movement and other related conditions. In addition to being a physiotherapist, he is an avid golfer by passion. He has spent many years training golfing, although it started as a hobby.

Most of the golfing community forms his patient base, and he has focused on dealing with racers and golfers.

Paul Edward Hospenthal Marriage

Paul Edward was married to Danica Patrick for eight years. The couple met in the early 2000s and despite the huge age gap, they led a happy life until their divorce separated them. Danic and Edward met when Danica was going for a hip treatment and they got engaged in 2004.

Danica and Paul wed in a private ceremony in 2005 in the presence of family and close friends. At the time of the marriage, Danica was 30 and Hospenthal 47. They lived together until they divorced eight years later.

Some trusted sources indicate that Danica’s infidelity resulted in the divorce. The racer had a relationship with Ricky Stenhouse Jr while she was married to Paul and it broke their marriage. Danica dated Ricky until 2017 when they broke up.

On the other hand, Paul has been off the limelight and there have been no reports of him getting into a second marriage. It seems he chose to put his matters under wraps.

Paul Edward Hospenthal Net Worth

Paul has worked as a physical therapist for many years and collaborated with numerous athletes, As a result of his connections, he has accumulated approximately 1 million dollars, as a result of his practice.