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Prince John James Fury Celebrity Kid Life

Prince John James Fury is the first son of the famous British boxer Tyson Fury. Read further to find out a little more about the life of this young celebrity and discover what his passions are and the reason behind his fame.

Personal Life

Prince John James Fury was born in the year 2012 in England. He was born to Tyson Fury and Paris Mullroy. Prince has 6 siblings, three sisters and 3 brothers. His family runs a TV show called, At Home With The Furys, this was Prince’s ticket to fame.

His father Tyson Fury

Tyson Luke Fury is a professional British boxer. He was born on August 12th, 1988 in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. Tyson was born to John and Amber Fury, both of his parents were Irish travelers. Tyson was born prematurely.

Tyson met his wife, Paris during their teens, Paris was 15 and Tyson was 17 at that time. The pair got hitched in 2008.

Tyson was born a catholic but however does not practice the religion any longer. His wife, however, is still a practicing Catholic.

Tyson Fury’s Career

Tyson began his career as a professional boxer on 6th December 2008, he was just 20 years old at that time. Before venturing into the professional world of boxing, as an amateur boxer, Tyson has represented England and Ireland in several national championships. Throughout his career, Tyson has participated in 35 fights, out of which he has won 34, 204 by knockout alone and 10 by decision. He is the winner of multiple prestigious titles like

  • WBA Champion
  • British and Commonwealth Heavyweight title
  • The Ring Heavyweight Title
  • English Heavyweight Title
  • Irish Heavyweight Title
  • WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Title

Despite having such a remarkable and successful boxing career, Tyson was subjected to plenty of racial abuse as he was a Gypsy. Tyson has a Television career where fans get an insight into his life and family. There are three series and two books based on his life named,

  • Meet the Furys
  • Tyson Fury: The Gypsy King
  • At Home With The Furys
  • The Furious Method (book)
  • Behind the Mask: My Autobiography (book)

Tyson has now retired from the ring in 2023 and is focusing on his other ventures and family.

The Series: At Home with the Furys

At Home with The Furys is a series available on Netflix that features Prince John James Fury and his family. It shows viewers a glimpse into the family’s everyday life and how Prince’s father, Tyson is adjusting to his retirement. The Series contains nine episodes and is shot mostly in England where the family resides.


  • Prince James John Fury’s father, Tyson Fury, was named after the legendary fighter Mike Tyson.
  • Prince James John Fury and his brothers are named Prince. This is because their father, Tyson, believes that he is a king and they are princes.
  • Prince James John Fury’s maternal grandparents were also Irish travelers.


Prince James John Fury, the first son of Tyson Fury is expected to take on his father’s legacy. However, Prince firmly believes that boxing is not in his books and does not want to pursue a boxing career. Although disappointing to hard-core fans, one can only hope and wish Prince becomes a successful and inspiring individual like his father whether he follows the same path or not.