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Recalling Royal & High Profile Life Of Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was the princess of Greece and Denmark by birth, and also the princess of Hesse-Kassel and Hanover through her marriages. In this article, we will recall her memorable life, so move ahead and read it.

Early Life

Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was born on June 16, 1914, in Mon Repos, Corfu, Greece. She was by birth a Greek and Danish Princess. She was blessed to be born into a royal family. She was the daughter of Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark and Princess Alice of Battenberg. She was the fourth child of five children of her parents.

As a princess, she spent her childhood in a luxurious way. But her family was struck by the crisis of the First World War (1914-18) and the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) during her early years. These wars led her and her family to exile in Switzerland (from 1917-20), and then in France (from 1922-36).

Personal Life

In her late 20s, she fell in love with one of her distant cousins, Prince Christoph of Hesse. At that time, her mother became mentally disturbed and had to confine her in a Swiss psychiatric hospital between 1930 and 1933. On 15 December, 1930, the couple got married in two religious ceremonies, one in Orthodox and another in Lutheran way. She moved to Berlin with her husband right after their marriage. She had five children with him, and they are Christina, Dorothea, Karl, Rainer and Clarissa of Hesse.

The outbreak of the Second World War compelled the couple to separate. She then flew away to her mother-in-law at Friedrichshof Castle in Kronberg to live with her children. On 7th October, 1943, her husband was found dead in peculiar circumstances, leaving her alone with her children.

Later, she started a relationship with another cousin named Prince George William of Hanover. In 1946, she married him and also had three children with him, namely, Welf Ernst, Georg, and Friederike of Hanover.

Her Views On Hitler

She first thought of Adolf Hitler as a modest and charming man, because he deceived her through her friend, Emmy Sonnermann, who served as Adolf Hitler’s hostess at many state functions. Emmy was the second wife of Luftwaffe Commander-in-Chief Hermann Goring. The princess became so close to her and became her friend. She and her in-laws served as unofficial intermediaries between Nazi Germany and the European dynasties, because they were attached to Nazism.

She ultimately learned the true face of Hitler after losing her first husband, and sister-in-law, Princess Mafalda and turned against Nazism. Hitler went against the House of Hesse-Kassel out of growing distrust of the German aristocracy and the betrayal of king Victor Emmanuel III.

Later Life

Being a princess, she faced many difficulties in her life. She lived a very distressed life. She was not allowed to attend her brother’s wedding to the princess of the United Kingdom because of her past connection to the Nazi regime. Later she was reintegrated with the royal circles. She died in 2001 in a retirement home in Schliersee.


Although Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark was born into an aristocratic family, she couldn’t live her life peacefully. She had been a brave, strong woman throughout her life and she proved to be of royal descent.