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Raquel Stroll Life Story, Bio, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Raquel Stroll is the celebrity wife of the Canadian billionaire, part owner, and executive chairman of Aston Martin, Formula One. Read further to learn more about Raquel Stroll and her life.

Personal Life

Raquel comes from a Brazillian background. She was a citizen and grew up in Brazil with her family. Raquel’s parents gave birth to her in 1986. She came to Itay to pursue her career and complete her education.

She married her first husband, Giovanni Scholamiero, who is a financier. They welcomed a son shortly after their marriage. In 2019 due to personal differences, the couple filed a divorce and took legal separation.

Raquel met her second husband, Lawrence Stroll in early 2020, and they shared a good chemistry from their first meet. They dated for a while before marrying each other in December 2020. The couple gave birth to two healthy children, Chole and Lance.


Raquel Stroll finished high school at a local high school in Brazil. Later, she joined Istituto Maragoni in Milan, Italy, for her undergraduate degree. She studied there for three years before she finished her studies in 2011.


Raquel started her career as a model for Valentino while working for other brands in public relations in 2012, a year after her graduation. Raquel started to pursue her career as a fashion designer. She gained popularity because of designing a beautiful green velvet gown for the United Kingdom, Elle, editor-in-chief, Anne-Marie Curtis’ wedding. Then, she became a well-renowned swimsuit designer. Raquel opened her fashion line after her marriage to the Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

Net Worth

Raquel Stroll’s net worth is around $1 million, including her fashion line, designs, and inheritance. Her husband, Lawrence’s net worth is around $3.6 billion. This includes his income streams, fortune from his parents, and assets.

Why Is She Famous?

Raquel became famous due to her billionaire husband, Lawrence. She also gained popularity because of her fashion line and unique designs.

Famous Husband

Raquel’s husband, Lawrence is a popular billionaire hailing from Canada. He came into the world on July 11th, 1959. He is the son of fashion importer, Leo Strulovitch. Lawrence owns an F1  Team named Aston Martin, and he is the executive chairman as well. He was listed in the Forbes list of richest people in the country.

Their Love Story

Raquel and Lawrence share a twenty-seven years of age gap. They met in the early 2020s after Raquel’s divorce from her former husband. After their first meeting, the chemistry between them was. They married each other in December 2020. Raquel is the second wife of Lawrence, and he is her second husband. Both were divorced before meeting each other.

Lesser Known Facts

Raquel grew up in a Brazillian family.

She pursued a career as an Instagram influencer and fashion designer.

Her second husband is a Canadian billionaire and owner of Aston Martin.

Raquel attended the prestigious fashion school, Instituto Marangoni in Italy.


Raquel Strolls is the celebrity wife of the Canadian billionaire and owner of Aston Martin, Lawrence Strolls. She is a fashion designer and a former model.