Recalling Memorable Life Of Shirley Neumann Recalling Memorable Life Of Shirley Neumann

Recalling Memorable Life Of Shirley Neumann

Shirley Neumann was an American citizen living in a third-floor apartment in the Lakeview Park Independent Senior Living Community in Fenton. It was very sad to hear that we lost her in a fall from her balcony. Read ahead to find out more about Shirley’s past life, her family and more.

Shirley Neumann: Personal Life

Neumann was born in America. By profession she was a former school teacher. She was married to Late Victor Joseph Neumann Jr. She had four children. We only know about two of them, one is Pamela Marie Hupp, an American murderer and another one is Michael Neumann. Her husband Joseph passed away in 2000, since then she was a widow.

Shirley was suffering from dementia as well as arthritis. So it was not usual for her to forget things, or get unsteady but her unexpected death from a fall was not imaginable. She passed away at the age of 77 years on 31st October, 2013 while living alone in her apartment. Her death was declared as accidental after investigation.

Shirley’s Daughter: Pamela Hupp

Pamela Hupp is an American murderer better known as Pam Hupp born to Shirley Neumann and Victor Joseph Neumann on October 10, 1958. She spent her early life in Dellwood, Missouri, where she attended Riverview Gardens High School. During her teenage age she did various jobs.

She worked in a life insurance company; she got fired from her job twice because of forging signatures. She married Mark Hupp. She had two children with him. In 2001, she settled down in O’Fallon, Missouri with her husband and she worked as an administrator for State Farm. Soon she stopped working and getting benefits of disability for back, leg and neck pain.

But everything changed when Hupp was held guilty of the murder of her friend Elizabeth Kay Meyer Faria “Betsy.” Faria was a coworker of Hupp at State Farm, living on Sumac Drive in Troy, Missouri with her husband Russell Scott. Betsy was stabbed to death in her home. Finally, Hupp was charged with the first-degree murder of Betsy in July 2021.

Pamela is serving her life imprisonment now without parole at Chillicothe Correctional Centre for the 2016 shooting of Louis Gumpenberger in her home. But she claimed that she did it out of self defense but the court denied that.

Unusual Death of Shirley

On 30th October, 2013, Shirley went to hospital for check-up and her daughter Pamela was with her. Hupp dropped her off at her residence. Hupp then instructed the housekeeper not to call her mother for dinner and didn’t even expect her for breakfast the following morning. It was 2:30 p.m. the next day when the staff went to see her after lunch. And found the door of her bedroom ajar, and the terrace entrance wide open as well. The railing of the balcony was broken and when looking down the staff saw her body lying on the ground.

In this case also police suspected Hupp because of her previous crime and she was the last person to see her alive. But ultimately it was declared as an accidental death. After Shirley’s death her property got distributed among her children and each received approximately $12,0000.


Shirley Neumann was a caring wife, a mother, a grandmother and a kindhearted woman. She will always be in people’s minds. She lived her life in a very simple way. She was such a wonderful person.