Robert Fuller Net Worth Robert Fuller Net Worth

Robert Fuller Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Robert Fuller?

Robert Fuller is an American retired actor who is today living his life peacefully and luxuriously at the age of 90 because he has earned great money in his life. You must be wondering what his net worth is, right? Well, today we are here to talk about that only.

In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Robert Fuller, his different sources of earnings, his expenditure on charity, personal assets, and many other such details related to the fortune of Robert Fuller. At the bottom, you will also get a brief information about the personal life of Robert Fuller.

Net worth of Robert Fuller

Today, Robert Fuller is said to hold 5 million. This is a really huge net worth, especially considering the age of Robert Fuller who is 90 years old right now and has already retired from acting. Robert Fuller has worked day ins and outs to amass this much net worth in his long-spanning acting career.

Main source of earnings 

In his professional career, Robert Fuller has mainly worked as an actor and this is obviously his main source of income. During his young age, he earned a huge amount of money through his acting career and accumulated a giant amount of net worth.

Additional income streams 

You already know that Robert Fuller is a legendary actor but let us tell you he is also a successful horse rancher. He stepped into this profession in his older age and managed to achieve success. Given the fact, Robert Fuller has made a decent amount of money with this profession as well in his later years of life.

Assets, fortune, and endorsement

Robert Fuller is extremely private about his earnings and personal assets. This is the reason that not even a single piece of information is available about his fortune, assets, and property. Not only that, we could not find anything about his endorsements and sponsorships. Maybe he did endorsements during his young age but he is not active today in this field.

Robert Fuller’s expenditure on charity 

Here again, it is not confirmed whether Robert Fuller is active in humanitarian and philanthropic works or not. If he were active, it seems he would prefer to keep the details to himself only because there is nothing available about the charity works of Robert Fuller.

Personal life of Robert Fuller

Robert Fuller is the beloved son of Elizabeth Lee, who was a dance instructor. On the other hand, nothing is available about the father of Robert Fuller. Speaking of the love life of Robert Fuller, he married twice in his life and his second marriage is running smoothly today. The name of his first wife is Patricia Lee Lyon and this marriage ended with a divorce. His second wife is Jennifer Savidge.


Being a proud owner of 5 million at the age of 90 is not a joke. It takes a huge amount of effort and hard work to own this much money at this age and Robert Fuller is that hard-working man who has achieved it.