Robert McElhenney Profession, Notable Works, & More Robert McElhenney Profession, Notable Works, & More

Robert McElhenney Profession, Notable Works, & More

Robert McElhenney is an American actor and writer. Let’s read further about this celebrity, his life, profession, notable works, and much more.

Short Bio

Robert was born on 14 April 1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He is the son of Helena McElhenney and Robert McElhenney. His parents are of Irish descent. He is the cousin of Olympic rower  Marcus McElhenney. When he was eight his parents got divorced and his mother came out as a lesbian. He has other two siblings and all were raised by his father.  Both brothers are gay. After the divorce from his mother, his father had a second marriage and he has two half siblings also.

He attended Waldron Mercy Academy. Later, he attended St. Joseph’s Preparatory School. He also attended Temple University.

Rob’s Professional Career

He is an actor, producer, director, podcaster, businessman, and writer by profession. He got his major role in the movie The Devil’s Own in 1997. He played small parts in the movies such as A Civil Action and Wonder Boys. His major work was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In 2017, he appeared in a guest role in the criminal series Fargo. In 2020, he co-created the Apple TV+ comedy series Mythic Quest.

In 2009, he with his wife Kaitlin Olsen and others purchased a Sinner’s Bar, now Mac’s Tavern. In 2020, he and the Canadian Actor Ryan Reynolds purchased the Welsh Football team Wrexham AFC. In 2023, along with Glenn Howerton and Charlie Da, he launched a whiskey brand named, The Four Walls.

The Love Of His Life: Kaitlin Olson

Robert’s wife Kaitlin was born on 18 August 1975 in Portland, US. She began her career in Sunday Company at Groundlings. She was casted with Robert in the TV series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. She graduated from University of Oregon. She is famous for her roles in TV series The Drew Carey Show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, Out of Practice, Miss Match, Family Guy, and Punk’d. She recently starred in the TV series The Fox in 2017. She appeared in a Human Rights Campaign video which gave tribute to the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Robert & Kaitlin’s Love Life

Robert and Kaitlin first met at the time of shooting of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They both got romantically interested in each other at the time of the second season. They started secretly dating in the second season. Then they got married on 27 September 2008 in California. They together have two sons named Alex and Lee. They all together make a healthy and loving family.

Notable Works

Robert’s fans will be amazed to see his diverse roles in movies and TV shows that include Fargo, Game of Thrones, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lost, Law & Order, ER, Welcome To Wrexham, Mythic Quest, All My Children, The Mindy Project, Wonder Boys, etc. What’s so exciting is that these are just some of his works and his career is not limited to these programs.

Net Worth

It’s expected that Robert’s net worth in the year 2024 is about $50 million.


Robert is also known as Robert McElhenney III and has gained a lot of name and fame in the entertainment industry over a span of several years. There’s no doubt he’s a famous actor and a writer owing to all the notable works he has given to his audience.