Reason for the popularity of Rochele See Reason for the popularity of Rochele See

Rochele See: Illuminating Paths with Passion and Perseverance

Rochele See is a celebrity ex-wife, best known for her short-lived marriage with American TV personality and motivational speaker, Montel Williams. Rochele See was not with Montel for a long time but this marriage definitely helped her to become a known personality.

Today, we will tell you everything about Rochele See including her marriage, early life, family, siblings, education profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other things.

Personal life 

With the fact that Rochele See herself is not a celebrity and is mainly known because of her ex-husband, there are no details available about her early life. Whether it’s the names of her parents or her date of birth, everything is a secret to the public.

Coming to her married life, Rochele See got married to American TV personality, Montel Williams, in 1982. However, things didn’t go well between them and they ended up with divorce just within 7 years in 1989. After this marriage, whether or not Rochele See got into any other romantic relationship is not confirmed.

Parents and siblings 

Since the family background of Rochele See remains under wraps, you are unlikely to find any details regarding her parents and siblings. Despite gaining popularity after her marriage, Rochele See never bothered to talk about her parents and siblings. Not just Rochele See but her ex-celebrity husband also never disclosed any details regarding the same.


Rochele See had a short-lived marriage with Montel Williams but she became the mother of two lovely daughters through this marriage. The names of her daughters are Maressa Williams and Ashley Williams. Her daughter, Ashley Williams, is today a successful writer, while her other daughter maintains a private life like Rochele See herself.

Education and profession

Here again, you will not get any confirmed information about the education and profession of Rochele See because she herself has not revealed any details regarding that. However, with the fact that she is the ex-wife of a popular TV personality, we expect that she must be either well-educated or professionally well-established.

Reason for the popularity of Rochele See

After reading the article so far, you must have understood what is actually the main reason for the popularity of Rochele See. Yes, it is her ex-husband, Montel Williams. When she was married to him, the couple were spotted together often and this grabbed public attention.

Net worth of Rochele See

As you already know there is no information available about the profession of Rochele See, how can you figure out her exact net worth? However, considering the lifestyle of Rochele See she lives right now, it seems like she has good money in her life. The source of her earnings is not known to the public though. If you talk about the net worth of her ex-husband, Montel Williams, he is estimated to have around 15 million right now.


Though the married life of Rochele See was short-lived, she stayed strong and held herself together very well. No doubt today she is living a happy and flourishing life.