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Personal Information or Biography

Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr., often called Roland Von Kurnatowski the Elder, was born on November 22, 1912, in Bluefields, Nicaragua. His zodiac sign was Sagittarius, and he lived to be 86 years old before his passing. Although an American by nationality, there is limited publicly available information about his early life and background. Despite the absence of a dedicated Wikipedia page, Roland’s life was marked by remarkable achievements and a distinctive family history.


Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. was married to Gina Capitani, and together, they had four children, including two boys and two girls. One of his well-known sons is Theo Von, who would establish himself as a prominent comedy, entertainment, and media figure. Theo Von’s unique background, born to Roland when he was 70 years old, adds an intriguing dimension to their family history.


Before his later legal troubles, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. held ownership of Tipitina’s, a legendary music club in the Uptown area of New Orleans. His two-decade tenure as the club’s owner and involvement in the nonprofit Tipitina’s Foundation contributed to his reputation as a respected figure in the New Orleans music scene. Under his stewardship, the Tipitina’s Foundation significantly contributed to local school bands, donating thousands of musical instruments and providing practice space for underprivileged musicians.

Additionally, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr. played a pivotal role in restoring the Orpheum Theater in New Orleans following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. This contribution to preserving cultural landmarks underscores his commitment to the city’s cultural heritage.

One of his visionary plans included a $13 million redevelopment project for South Shore Harbor near Lakefront Airport, which also housed his office. The project aimed to transform the area into an entertainment district, showcasing his dedication to revitalizing New Orleans’ waterfront areas.

However, his later years were marred by legal disputes, including allegations of defrauding relatives in real estate projects. Despite these challenges, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.’s earlier contributions to the cultural and entertainment landscape of New Orleans remained an enduring part of his legacy.

However, towards the end of 2017, Von Kurnatowski’s financial difficulties became evident as he started to issue bounced checks to renowned music acts that graced the stages of Tipitina’s and the Orpheum, as reported by WWL-TV.

Net Worth

While there is no publicly available information about Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.’s net worth, his son, Theo Von, has achieved $500,000 through his career in comedy, podcasts, television, YouTube, and acting in shows and movies.

Although Roland’s parents were named Mr. Kurnatowski and Mrs. Kurnatowski, further details about his siblings are unavailable.

To sum up, Roland Von Kurnatowski Sr.’s life was marked by his notable contributions to the cultural and entertainment scene in New Orleans, mainly through his ownership of Tipitina and his involvement in various philanthropic endeavors. His family history, including his late fatherhood and the accomplishments of his son Theo Von, adds an intriguing dimension to his biography.