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Rosalie Jean Willis: A dead personality known for her murderer spouse

Rosalie Jean Willis was one of those ladies, who got married to the wrong person and their life became a mess.  The name of that mess in the life of Rosalie Jean Willis was Charles Manson, who was one of the most notorious murderers in the criminal history of America. Today, let us tell you all the life details of Rosalie Jean Willis, not just about her husband.

Here, we will tell you everything about Rosalie Jean Willis from her birth to her death.

Personal life 

Rosalie Jean Willis was born on 28 January 1939 in the USA and the names of her parents were Clarence Cowboy Willis and Virginia McNish. She received her upbringing in Benwood, West Virginia along with her siblings. She lived a long life of around 70 years old before dying in 2009.

If you talk about the married life of Rosalie Jean Willis, she got married twice in her life. Her first marriage was with American murderer Charles Manson from 1955 to 58. After her divorce from him, Rosalie Jean Willis is said to have gotten married to another American man Jack White.

Parents and siblings 

Her parents, Clarence Cowboy Willis and Virginia McNish, had 4 children including 3 daughters and one son. The names of the siblings of Rosalie Jean Willis were Amy, Eileen, and Clarence Willis. If you are curious to find out about the personal and professional lives of her parents, there is nothing available regarding the same.


From her first marriage, Rosalie Jean Willis had one child named Charles Milles Manson Jr and her second marriage yielded her two more sons whose names were Jesse J. White and Jed White.

Education and profession

Unlike many other life details of Rosalie Jean Willis, nothing is available about her education. However, we believe that Rosalie Jean Willis could not get a good education in her life because she had to do jobs like a waitress from a very early age to support herself financially. After working as a waitress for some time, she also worked in a hospital as a nurse.

Reason for the popularity of Rosalie Jean Willis

The whole reason for the popularity of Rosalie Jean Willis was definitely her first husband, Charles Manson, who was an infamous American criminal. When Rosalie Jean Willis got married to him, he was a thief but, later on, he kept getting deep into his criminal world.

Net worth of Rosalie Jean Willis 

With the fact that Rosalie Jean Willis had to do part-time jobs like a waitress in her life, we can say that Rosalie Jean Willis wouldn’t have a huge net worth as such. However, since Rosalie Jean Willis supported herself financially throughout her life, we are pretty sure that she definitely had a decent amount of money. We are making assumptions about the net worth of Rosalie Jean Willis because it has never been revealed by her.


Rosalie Jean Willis got married to a criminal by mistake but she did not let her life get affected because of that. She got out of that marriage and started her new life with a new partner in her life.