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Who is Rose Marie Mantell Thomas? Everything About Danny Thomas’s Wife

Danny Thomas was a famed comedian who made himself famous for his appearances in various films. Danny, who was known for Make Room for Daddy and the Danny Thomas Show, attracted the attention of the public because of his roles and talent.

Rose Marie was the actor’s wife, and despite her husband’s death, she continued overseeing the charity foundations that her husband was supporting. Thomas had started St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and Rose Marie continued overseeing its work after the actor died in 1991.

Rose Marie was born on March 6, 1914, and she started a career as a singer before she retired to take care of her family. Rose sang and ran her radio show in Detroit, Michigan, when she met Danny Thomas, who was struggling as a young comic at that time.

Despite Rose Marie retiring from singing her singing career, she continued offering her support for the activities that her husband was involved in. She received awards for her activities and commendations from the mayors of Los Angeles, making her a notable woman.

Rose Marie’s Career

Rose Marie was a singer and radio host, but she stopped her career after marrying actor Danny Thomas. Rose focused on caring for her family and engaging in activities that her husband had initiated. Rose Maie was recognized for her support of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, especially after her husband died in 1991.

Rose Marie served as the president of the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities for over a decade after her husband died. She was helpful in the hospital fundraising arm, traveling extensively with her husband from the 1950s seeking funds for charities.

Thomas was a member of several charities, and Rose Marie was there to support him in his endeavors. Because of her civic accomplishments, Rose Marie received commendations from the mayors of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, as well as numerous awards.

Rose Marie Thomas was named the Volunteer of the Decade by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for her fundraising efforts. Rose died in 2000, and since then, her children have continued with her work.

Rose Marie Thomas’s Husband

Rose Marie became popular because of her husband. Danny Thomas, as he was known by his stage name, was Rose Marie’s husband. Thomas was born on January 6, 1912, and the American philanthropist made headlines for his career as an actor, producer, nightclub comedian and singer.

Thomas’s career spanned over five decades, and because of his many years, he garnered a huge fanbase. Thomas was part of the most successful and long-running situation comedies, and as a result, he was known by many people.

Rose’s husband was known for his generous efforts in charities, and he founded St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The center is the leading center in pediatric medicine, and its focus on cancer has enabled it to span eight American cities as of 2020.

Thomas’s legacy during his time was fundraising for charity, and he ensured his wife and children continued with the legacy even after he died.