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Sakira Wang: Daughter Of The Filmmaker Sonja Sohn, Early Life, Relationship, Career And Net Worth

Who is Sakira Wang in the limelight? What makes her the buzz of the celebrity stage?

As the daughter of the filmmaker Sonja Sohn, you need to know many bits.

Let’s dive right in.

Who Is Sakira Wang?

Sakira Wang comes from a creative family, as she is the daughter of noted American actress, activist, and director Sonja Sohn and composer-musician Adam Plack. She travels with a sister named Sophia in this creative household. Sakira, born in the United States, is proud of her American heritage.

Sakira Wang has received a lot of attention due to her renowned parents. Sonja Sohn, her mother, is well-known for her work as an actor, director, and activist. Sakira’s roots in the entertainment field run deep as one of the cherished celebrity offspring, with her mother’s depiction of Detective Kima Greggs in the HBO drama “The Wire” being particularly notable.

Sakira Waesoon Wang, her full name, has a certain allure. She was born in the United States of America on October 9, 1986, and is currently 36 years old. Her parents, Sonja Sohn and Adam Plack, are both artists who excel in several fields. Her father is particularly talented in composing and music.

The separation of Sakira’s parents in 2019 was a significant turning point. She travels through life alongside a brother and her sister, Sophia Wang, in the context of her family. Her aunt Debi Young, who has created her identity as a well-known cosmetics artist, has added to the family tapestry.

The intriguing tales of Sakira Wang’s distinguished parents and extended relatives are woven into her story of relationships and artistic legacy.

Her Relationship

From what those in the know say, she’s flying solo in the relationship department. She’s got her eyes locked on her career rather than romance. The juiciest gossip? She’s a master at keeping her personal life under wraps, so trying to guess about her love life is like trying to catch smoke.

Her Parents

Sonja, Sakira’s mother, is a professional actress and filmmaker and a passionate activist in her community. Her life had a difficult beginning, marred by sexual harassment, physical abuse, and rage difficulties. These difficulties gave her a thorough awareness of the harmful effects of such difficulties on people’s lives.

She felt driven to guide young people on a positive path after achieving achievement. She founded the nonprofit organization ReWired of Change to carry out this purpose. This group primarily assists young people previously involved in illegal activities, helping them toward a better life.

Sonja was previously married to producer, composer, and didgeridoo player Adam Plack. They were married in 2003 and divorced in 2019 after spending 16 years together. In large part due to her drug addiction difficulties, their divorce was finalized in 2011. Despite several sites making the suggestion, there isn’t much evidence to support the idea that Adam Wang is Sakira Wang’s father. In 2022, Sonja is still a virgin.

Her Net Worth

As a very committed celebrity child, she is all about hustling for her profession. According to the most recent data, her estimated net worth is $450,000. And in terms of her yearly income, she earns between $90,000 and $150,000.