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Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Biography and life history

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is a celebrity wife who has been enjoying the stardom of her husband after getting married to him. Wondering who her husband is? Well, he is Jim Harbaugh, a famous American football coach and former quarterback. Today, let us tell you all the life information about Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

In this article, we will discuss early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, and other such details about Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

Personal life

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is an American born on 20th September 1978 in Belton, Missouri, United States to Alta Feuerborn and Merle Feuerborn. Today, she is 45 years old and living her life happily. The gorgeous lady is married right now and the name of her husband is Jim Harbaugh, who is a famous American football coach and former quarterback. The union got hitched in 2008 and has been together ever since. This was the second marriage for the husband of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

Parents and siblings

The only available information about the parents of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is their names and you already know that they are Alta Feuerborn and Merle Feuerborn. How their personal and professional lives werr is not known to the public. If we talk about the siblings of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, she has a bunch of siblings and the names of some of them are Mary Beth Feuerborn, Joseph Henry Feuerborn, Pamela Feuerborn, and Andrew Joseph Feuerborn.


Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh has been enjoying marital bliss since 2008 and today she is the proud mother of two lovely kids named Addison Harbaugh and Katherine Harbaugh. Apart from the names, nothing much is known about the children of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh

Education and profession

The personal life details of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh are public because she is the wife of such a big celebrity but she has never bothered to disclose anything about her education and profession. This is the reason you are unlikely to find any significant information about these two life aspects of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh.

Reason for the popularity of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Sarah Feuerborn is, of course, her husband who is a famous American football coach. Not just for being the coach but he was also quite popular when he used to be a player.

Net worth of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh 

To say anything significant and confirm about the earnings and net worth of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, we need to have at least a little bit of information about the profession of Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh. Unfortunately, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh has kept it a secret only, so nothing is known about her profession and earnings. However, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh lives a luxurious life because her husband, Jim Harbaugh, is said to be the proud owner of a round 35 million as of 2023.


Today, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is living a happy life with her husband and children. She is often spotted with her kids and husband spending quality time. You would always see her wearing a pretty smile.