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Saundra Janairo: Empowering Lives through Dedication and Compassion

Saundra Janairo is a celebrity sister, who is known to the world because of her actress sister, Tia Carrere. The sister of Saundra Janairo has gained significant success as a singer and actress. Unlike her sister who is so much active in the glamour world, Saundra Janairo lives a private life. However, today we tried to find out her life details.

So, read the article further and unleash the details about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, age, earning, and many other such details about Saundra Janairo.

Personal life 

With the fact that Saundra Janairo is not very open about her personal life details, there is hardly any information available about her early life. When she was born and what her birthplace is not known to the public. If we talk about the names of her parents, they are Audrey Lee Janairo and Alexander Janairo. Since her actress sister is of Filipino and Chinese descent, we believe that Saundra Janairo would be the same.

Coming to the love life of Saundra Janairo, it is also a secret to the public. The pretty lady never ever talked anything about her love life. This is the reason we are not even sure whether she got married or not.

Parents and siblings

Saundra Janairo is the lovely daughter of Audrey Lee Janairo and Alexander Janairo, who both are professionally successful. The mother of Saundra Janairo worked as a computer supervisor while her father worked as a banker. How was the personal life of her parents is not known because neither she nor her parents ever come up openly with these details.

As for the siblings of Saundra Janairo, there is information available about one sister and she is no other than Tia Carrere, a famous American actress and singer.


Since Saundra Janairo has not spilled the beans regarding her love life, we can’t say anything about her kids.

Education and profession 

Here again, don’t expect to get any confirmed information because Saundra Janairo never talked about her educational as well as professional background. However, considering the fact that her parents were quite successful, we are pretty sure that Saundra Janairo must have received top-level education in her life. As for her profession, we hope that she would also be professionally successful like her sister.

Reason for the popularity of Saundra Janairo 

The only reason for the popularity of Saundra Janairo is her sister, Tia Carrere, who gained success in Hollywood despite being an outsider in the industry.

Net worth of Saundra Janairo

Considering the fact that the profession of Saundra Janairo is a mystery to the public you obviously can’t expect any confirmed details about her net worth. If you talk about the net worth of her actress sister, Tia Carrere, she is the proud owner of around 5 million right now.


Saundra Janairo might not be as successful as her actress sister but she is definitely living a glorious life because she is spotted with utmost elegance and grace whenever she steps outside.