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Shalon Jackson Biography and life history

Shalon Jackson is the son of two celebrities. His father, Mark Jackson, was a basketball player. As for his mother, Monique Angela Hicks, she is an American award-winning comedian. Thanks to his parents’ celebrity status, Shalon grew up as a celebrity kid, making people curious to want to know more about him. Read on to learn more about Shalon Jackson.

Biography of Shalon Jackson

Shalon Jackson was born in April 1990. He is the son of Monique Angela Hicks and her ex-husband Mark Jackson. Shalon is a male American national, and his ethnicity is African-American. Shalon’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He is a Christian, and his sexual orientation is straight.

Shalon has three siblings: Mark Jackson Jr, David Hicks, and Jonathan Hicks. His fame is being Monique’s son. His mother is a famous award-winning comedian, actress, author, and talk show host. Moreover, his father was a basketball player, but his fame can’t compare to that of Shalon’s mother.

Shalon was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the oldest son in the family; his parents separated when he was young. His mother found love again and married Sydney Hicks. Despite the separation, Shalon kept contact with his parents and would visit his father for a while before returning to stay with his mother.


As of 2024, Shalon is about 34 years old. Unlike his mother, he is reserved and refrains from sharing plenty of information about himself with the public. As such, we have no information regarding his educational background. We don’t know the schools that he attended and what career he pursued in college/university.

His career choice remains hidden. We don’t know where he works and how much he makes. We can’t estimate his net worth, but growing up, his parents’ net worth and earnings ensured he catered to his needs and wants. Shalon is available on social media. You can access his Instagram and X accounts and follow him to stay updated on his life’s activities.

Relationship with His Parents

As a child, the separation of your parents affects you in different ways. Although Shalon kept in touch with his parents, the separation impacted him. He has a good relationship with his father. However, growing up, he was not very fond of his mother.

Her busy career had denied her room to enjoy time with her son. As a result, Shalon had a strained bond with her mother, and they would often argue. Although his mother ensured his needs were met, lacking the bond and motherly presence agitated the young boy and caused him to detach from his mother slightly.

Who is Shalon’s Mother?

Shalon’s mother, Monique Angela, is an American actress and comedian. Monique was born on December 11, 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland. Her mother was an engineer, while her father was a drug counselor.

Monique found her space in the entertainment industry and started her comics at a comedy factory outlet, where she was discovered and nurtured to become a stand-up comedian. Her fame is what has made Shalon a celebrity kid.