Stanley Kuklinski – Early Life and Family Stanley Kuklinski – Early Life and Family

Stanley Kuklinski – Early Life and Family

Stanley Kuklinski recently died in 2014, but he is still a famous figure, and people want to know more about him and his family. Stanley Kuklinski is mainly sought out because of their reputation as a constructor and a tennis lover. Who is Stanley Kuklinski, and what do we know about his life?

Who is Stanley Kuklinski?

Stanley Kuklinski, popularly known as Stan, was born on October 24, 1940. His birthplace is Utica, New York, and his parents were Stanislaw Jaslewicz and Bernice Tarkowski Jaslewicz. However, his parents divorced while he was still in his childhood age and his mother married Eugene Kuklinski, who became Stan’s father.

Stan attended different institutions and graduated from Utica Free Academy, where he excelled in his passion for baseball and bowling. He was an active sportsperson. Moreover, he focused on his studies to become a constructor. He went ahead to build different homes within the Utica area. He even constructed one for his parents.

Marriage Life

Stanley has been in different relationships. He first married Mary Ann Laun in October 1964. Following their marriage, Stan moved with his wife to Connecticut, allowing Stan to work at a construction site. Stan then worked as a distributor for the shoe industry. Stan and his wife loved tennis, and they moved to Lewiston in 1981 to pursue their love for tennis. They worked in the Central Maine Racquet Club and held numerous tennis camps.

Unfortunately, Stan’s first wife died in 1984 from cancer. By this time, the couple had five young daughters. In the same year, Stan met a District Attorney, Janet Mills, and they fell in love. The two met during tennis lessons, and they married in August 1985. They moved to Wilton, where they lived for 12 years. Stan worked as a real estate developer during this period and built numerous vacation homes.

Once Stan’s daughter grew up, the couple moved to an old Mallory Farm. There, they opted to raise horses, and they later moved to Farmington, Janet’s hometown.

Career Life

Throughout his career, Stan mainly worked as a constructor, and he built many homes, including being a real estate developer. Later on, he followed his passion for tennis and became a leader for a men’s tennis program at Mt. Blue High School. He held the role for seven years, coaching the tennis team and mentoring dozens of people to take part in the sport.

In the 80s, the then governor, Brennan, appointed Stan to the Maine Athletic Commission to serve as the chair. Moreover, Stan was appointed by Governor Baldacci to the Maine Harness Racing Commission in 2004 to harness racing by enforcing the required rules, especially on safety.

Stanley’s Death

Stan was a lovable figure in the society. He would be seen talking with people on different matters, including politics, and his life was an encouragement for many. By the time of his death, he left behind five daughters and three grandsons. He also left behind his wife, Janet Mills. Stanley died on September 24, 2014, due to a stroke that he lived with for a year.