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Stayce Holte, Personal Life and Net Worth

Stayce Holte is one of those people who get popular because of their family members. She is best known for being the niece and the adopted daughter of American actress and singer, Patti LaBelle. Today, we are here to tell you the life details of Stayce Holte.

So get into the details and find out about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, and all other details about Stayce Holte.

Personal life

The exact birth details of Stayce Holte would have been known to the public only if she herself was a celebrity. Since she is not a celebrity and maintains a private life as well, her exact birth details such as the names of her parents, date of birth, and birthplace are not known to the public. According to some sources, the lady is 58 years old as of 2023.

If you talk about the love life of this beautiful lady, she has kept it a secret as well. Considering her age, it can be estimated that she might have gotten married but no confirmed information regarding this.

Parents and siblings

Stayce Holte is the biological daughter of Jacqueline “Jackie”, who was the sister of Patti LaBelle, a famous American singer and songwriter. The real mother of Stayce Holte died when she was a little child so her aunt, Patti LaBelle, adopted her.

Apart from this, no other information is available about the siblings and the father of Stayce Holte. If you were curious to know about the professions of her parents, it is not known to the public either.


With the fact that Stayce Holte has kept the details related to her love life a secret only, it is not known whether or not she could become a mother in her life.

Education and profession 

It’s not only the personal life details of Stayce Holte that are unknown to the public but she has not taken the curtains off her educational as well as professional details. However, considering the fact that she is brought up by her rich celebrity aunt, Patti LaBelle, we are pretty sure she must have received a great education in her life.

As for her profession, we can’t make any assumptions regarding that because Stayce Holte has not revealed any information about her profession.

Reason for the popularity of Stayce Holte

The only reason for the popularity of Stayce Holte is her adoptive mother, Patti LaBelle, who is a famous American singer and actress.

Net worth of Stayce Holte

Well, the exact net worth of Stayce Holte is not available because her profession is not known to the public. As for the net worth of adaptive mother, Patti LaBelle, she is the proud owner of around 70 million right now, which she has churned out her singing career.


Stayce Holte gets unwanted media attention regularly because of her adoptive mother, who is a famous celebrity but she does not seem to enjoy this because she always maintains a private life.